Leo Month: When does Leo Month Start? Career Options And More



With the end of Cancer season, Leo’s season is finally here. It’s 2022 and the season of Leos has already arrived. Starting from  July 23, 2022, when the sun enters its absolute favorite sign which lasts till August 22, 2022. So, if you are Leo and are already waiting to hear more about yourself through the eyes of astronomers and stars then this is your stop. 

On July 22, the sun steps into Leo’s season. Since the season falls between monsoon and summer, it represents a lot about Leo’s personality. As we know the sun brightens the day and that’s how Leo’s energy is directly assumed by the sun. with its strength, powers, and capabilities, Leos are here to rock. While all the other 11 seasons have their things to tell, Leo is one of the most fun to hear. 

In this article, we’ll be sharing everything about the Leo Season and will guide you to some interesting facts. Continue reading this article to find out more. 

Leo Month: When does Leo Month Start?

Leo Month starts on 23 July and extends till 22 August 2022. Leo signs are believed to bring freshness, warmth, and energy to the Leos. On 22 July, the summer entered the phase and Leo month started. It is believed that Leo is one of the absolute seasons of the Summer and believed to have a radiant personality that attracts everyone. 

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However, it is said that Leo is self-centered and self-obsessed. They have charismatic personalities but they are more into themselves. They mostly love to explore their life and want to keep everything super secretive. They are so much interested in their life and want to nurture them to their fullest capability. 

Leo Season: What does Leo season mean for your zodiac sign?

When does Leo Month Start?As Leo’s sign portrays Lion, it denotes the power and strength of the people during this season. The signs denote prosperity and generousness to its people and the season gives confidence to its people. 

Astrologer Inbaal Honigman has also revealed this by saying “During Leo season, those born under the sign of the lion feel powerful and purposeful.”

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As the Leo season mostly comprises the summer and heat which is generated by the sun itself, it added a lot of value to it, while talking about the potential and importance of summer and sun, Inbaal said, “This sunny season empowers Leos and allows them to reach far beyond what they believed they could – and achieve more than they would during all the other seasons put together.”

In terms of relationships, Inbaal says: “Leos feel secure and happy with their lot when it comes to their love relationships. During the Leo season, their sunny nature attracts others to them, like moths to a flame, and they’re likely to gather admirers around them. This may be distressing to their regular partners, but a Leo can enjoy the admiration without having to act on it.”

Leo’s Career Possibility: What New Possibility Brings For Leo in 2022?

Career options have always been the most important thing in everyone’s life. When we talk about zodiac signs, people always find themselves sticking with their career and future goals. There is no doubt that all the zodiac signs, including Leo, are super concerned with their career and future possibility. So, what new possibilities are waiting for Leo in 2022?

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The astrological says, “In their work life, Leos will feel as if the spotlight is on them. They always try their best, it’s a Leo thing to excel at everything, but they’re not always noticed. The bright sun of Leo season makes sure that their efforts are appreciated.”

What Can Leo Expect This Year?

When does Leo Month Start?

The year 2022 is already here and Leos are waiting to hear what are the new challenges. Good luck waiting for them. The people are waiting to hear what will be going to happen this year to them. The astrological signs are in a good place and it seems that the year 2022 is already a peaceful and fun year for people to explore their potential. 

The astrologer says, “In 2022, the Leo season is a peaceful time for all. Humanitarian efforts will come to the fore, and calm words will be spoken. It’s a time for mature, established action.” In 2022, new ways are open for them to improve themselves.

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Leo’s signs are equivalent to fire which means fearless and inspiring. Leo is defined by a lot of things and we already know that their personality is not equivalent to other zodiac signs. There is something different about Leo which makes them super different from the rest of the people. 

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