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When Calls the Heart Season 9 Final Recap: the Question Is Whether or Not Elizabeth and Lucas Are Engaged!


David Mudd

Sunday night’s episode of When Calls the Heart, which capped out the ninth season of the show and included a whirlwind of significant storylines involving Lucas, Elizabeth, Rosemary, Lee, and the rest of the Hope Valley cast, was chock full of action. What follows is a rundown of the events that transpired in the concluding episode of the Hallmark Channel series: an engagement, the announcement of a baby, and a terrible fire.

When ‘when Calls the Heart’ Comes to an End, We See Lucas Get Some Perspective on Things

When Calls The Heart Season 9

Lucas (Chris McNally) left a message for Elizabeth (Julianne Moore) last week when he went out of town to clear his brain (Erin Krakow). In the past, she’d been concerned that he was reconsidering their relationship. In fact, she doesn’t even need to open his letter because her worries have been allayed by their passionate statements at the close of episode 11.

Gustave (Karl Mercer), Lucas’ cousin, is concerned about his disappearance. In order to get Nathan (Kevin McGarry) to go check on Lucas, she agrees to ask him to go out to the woods with Lucas and read Henry David Thoreau. Nathan spends the night with his erstwhile competitor, the saloonkeeper, after a particularly warm encounter between the mountie and the latter. These two seem to be developing a true relationship.

Hope Valley Sees the Return of Two Recognisable Faces

Henry Gowen (Martin Cummins), who was responsible for purposely setting off an explosion that led to the collapse of the mine, ran away from Hope Valley a week ago. However, his time spent hiding out will not last for very long. His return to Hope Valley, where he is hailed as a hero for his attempts to stop the mind from reopening, is facilitated by the transportation of a couple of Mounties.

Gowen did, contrary to Bill’s (Jack Wagner) expectations, freely give himself in to the authorities. The businessman, on the other hand, is prepared to accept the consequences of his actions. And he does not wish for others to thank him for it.

He convinces Elizabeth to discredit Rosemary (Pascale Hutton), who was planning to tell a tale about his conduct. Gowen, too, prays to God for assistance in preparing for what is to come. He gives the church a sizable contribution, but he does it under cover of anonymity. And as Joseph (Viv Leacock) is paying a visit to Gown in the jail, Gown wants him to demonstrate how to pray to him.

This episode brings back to Hope Valley not just Gowen, but also a few other familiar faces. It would appear that Mei Sou, played by Amanda Wong, has exonerated herself in Chicago. Does this make it possible for her and Nathan to have a romantic relationship? Perhaps. However, there is also the issue of faith to consider (Andrea Brooks).

When Calls The Heart Season 9

She admits to her best friend Molly that she’s started having feelings for Nathan. However, she does not believe that she is permitted to act on them because he was one of her patients (this is a rule that would appear to imply that she would not be able to have a romantic connection with anybody in Hope Valley because she is the only doctor in the town). At the moment, it is unclear if Nathan had love affections for Faith or Mei.

Mei is also a possible candidate. On the other hand, his daughter Allie, played by Jaeda Lily Miller, wants him to make up his decision already. She informs Elizabeth that she is ready for her father to walk down the aisle.

Pregnant: Rosemary Informs Lee She Is

Rosemary has had a nagging feeling for some time now that she could be pregnant. It’s too bad that she can’t just stop by the drug store on the way home and pick up a pregnancy test. A portion of her doesn’t even want to know for sure if she’s pregnant, since she knows that if she isn’t, she’ll have to cope with the heartbreak of finding out that she wasn’t. In the end, Elizabeth is successful in persuading her to speak with Faith, who enlightens her on the telltale symptoms of pregnancy.

Rosemary has been concealing her life-changing information from her husband all this time, but she is aware that she must be forthright with Lee (Kavan Smith). Rosemary discovers she is pregnant when she wakes up one morning and feels a fluttering in her stomach.

Lee is roused from his sleep by her with the important piece of information, and as soon as he comprehends what is taking place, he is overcome with enthusiasm. After a few moments, he was seen walking about in his pyjamas on the street, where he announced the news to everyone in the neighbourhood.

The Saloon Is Destroyed by a Fire

There is a lot of bad news in When Calls the Heart’s season-finale episode. There’s a panic in town when the Queen of Hearts gets a fire. As a result of Hickam (Ben Rosenbaum), the mayor who has vowed to quit, no one has been gravely injured. However, the saloon has been entirely demolished. Lucas is facing a hazy future, at least when it comes to his profession, thanks to this and the sale of his oil firm stakes.

Is there anyone else whose life’s path is uncertain? Bill Avery, if you will. He’s finally come to terms with the fact that he has to take better care of his health. He informs Elizabeth that he’s getting his affairs in order before he heads to Union City for therapy. The judge of Hope Valley has reason to be concerned about Bill’s insistence that he won’t be leaving anytime soon.

In this episode, Joseph is at a crossroads as well. He aspires to establish himself as a self-made entrepreneur. As a result, when Lee discreetly interfered to get him a loan, he became enraged. It also caused him to turn down Minnie’s father’s (Natasha Burnett) offer of support. Minnie is once again the voice of reason and reasonability. Joseph is reminded of the distinction between self-respect and obstinate pride by her soft reminder. His father agrees to meet with her father to discuss a possible business partnership.

Lucas Proposes

All season long, Lucas and Elizabeth’s bond has grown stronger. Few doubted that marriage was in their destiny; the only issue was when Lucas would propose. Any apprehension he had stemmed from his own sense of responsibility for placing Elizabeth and her kid in risk through the Walden incident and his involvement in the prospect of the mine being reopened. When he gets back from his camping trip, Elizabeth assures him that she would never mistrust him, and he says the same about her.

That lays the scenario for one of the episode’s most dramatic events. Little Jack (Hyland Goodrich), who is accompanying him and Elizabeth on their stroll, is gathering rocks and passing them to the adults. One of the rocks, though, stands out from the others. “I’ve phoned your father to ask for your hand in marriage,” Lucas says Elizabeth as Little Jack delivers her something. It’s a ring for an engagement.

‘Elizabeth, I’m more convinced than ever that you are who matters.’ And I know that you’re the one who I’ll love forever,” he adds before going down on one knee.

Let me be the father of your child,” he tells you. “Will you marry me, Elizabeth?” was his question.

Little Jack is overjoyed when Elizabeth says yes to the proposal, and he takes great pride in his role in making Elizabeth say yes.

Season 9 of ‘when Calls the Heart’ Wraps Out With a Few Unanswered Questions

In a possible When Calls the Heart Season 10, Elizabeth and Lucas are engaged, while Rosemary and Lee are expecting their first child. New episodes may have to deal with a few residual concerns.

Gowen’s mine sabotage has resulted in a lengthy jail sentence. Bill has promised to help, but Gowen appears to be content with the prospect of a prison sentence for the time being. Faith, Mei, and Nathan are entwined in a passionate love triangle. We also have the case of Molly and Bill to consider (Johannah Newmarch).

She took him to his doctor’s visit and came back anxious to tell Faith what she had learned. She couldn’t wait to tell Faith what she had learned. However, may Bill and Molly have finally progressed beyond flirting to a more serious relationship in this episode? It’s a real likelihood that Bill will die in the near future. Fans will have to wait and see what happens to the residents of Hope Valley in the near future.

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