When Are Plums in Season? What Do We Know So Far About It?


Aditi Deshinge

I am always confused about which fruits come in which season. Numerous stores sell all the fruits as well as vegetables in and out of their seasons making it difficult to remember when they actually bloom. Among these plums are the most succulent and famous fruits so lets explore when they are in season. Get to know When Are Plums in Season?

Plums are usually considered as summer fruit. The plums season runs from the end of May to the October in the United States of America. Several plums from Japan are first to mature then later on European plums mature.

In July and August you can check for plums in your local fruit market too.

Plums are considered as a stone fruit and such stone fruits are usually good when they are in season. There in season period can spam from mid of May to early of October but this may vary depending on the atmospheric conditions as well as the country where they grown.

When Are Plums in Season

So, its very significant to know when the season of plums starts and ends.

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In Which Month Are Plums in Season?

Around the globe, there are 200 different types of plums are present. The season of plum for most hugely sold varieties is in summer and August is the peak period for plums in the United Kingdom and autumn is peak period in Australia.

Moreover, there are six varieties of plum tree present which include Japanese, American, Damson, Ornamental, Wild, and European or garden plums. However the two most common fruit bearing plum plants are the Japanese plum tree and European plus trees.

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Does Winter is Also a Season for Plums?

Usually, Plums are available throughout the springs to fall season on one form or another as there are plenty of varieties of Plum and so many places where they are hugely grown.

Because of importation into the United States, you can see plums in the store all year around.

When you cant find them at your local fresh food market then you don’t need to be worried because plums can fair well with being shipped and handled better than peaches, nectarines and apricots at same firmness levels.

It provides you a decent chance of searching good ones at the grocery stores.

What is the Nutrition Value of Plums?

Raw plums are 87% water, 11% carbohydrates, 1% protein, and less than 1% fat (table). In a 100-gram (3+12-ounce) reference serving, raw plums supply 192 kilojoules (46 kilocalories) of food energy and are a moderate source only of vitamin C (12% Daily Value), with no other micronutrients in significant

When Different Varieties of Plums Are Are Available?

There are plenty of varieties of plums. The colour of plum may range from purple to yellow and green and since some are picked unripe a plum season can vary considerably based on how far the fruit is allowed to mature.

The important varieties of plums consist of European Plum and the Japanese Plum. Such varieties of plum are harvested at slightly different times in the season.

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What is European Plums?

These plums are initially grown in California. They have different coloured skin and they rapes later in the season. The season for picking European plums is from July to October when they are at their best. This period may change depending upon the type and atmospheric conditions.

Types of European plums –

  1. Mirabelle
  2. Greengage
  3. Damson
  4. Moyer

What is Japanese Plums?

Japanese plums are originated from China but are the most sourced plums in the United States. Mature fruits has a dark red to purple colour and although it is considered as a spring fruit. The harvesting season starts from mid July to the early September which is totally depends on the variety and location.

Most of the Japanese plums bloom and mature earlier than other varieties.

Types of Japanese Plums –

  1. El Dorado
  2. Santa Rosa
  3. Friar

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Plums in Season?

Buying and having fruit and vegetables seasonally is beneficial for our menus but it is also good for the environment. Being aware of which fruit and vegetables are season can save on price as well as by eating seasonal food your meals will taste much better.

When fresh foods are in season, it is more hugely found which means that the cost will be lower as markets and stores may have deals and offers.

One idea to make the most of the seasonal food type is to purchase it in huge quantity and freeze food before it becomes far more costlier in the months to come out of season.

Check out some seasonal plum recipe idea –

Plums are truly fabulous to eat just as fruit but they can also be used in delicious baking and cooking so lets have a look on it –

When Are Plums in Season

  1. Plum crumble
  2. Easy plum jam
  3. Plum crumble cake
  4. Plum cobbler
  5. Plum and oats muffins
  6. Plum barbecue sauce
  7. Plum chutney
  8. Plum turnovers.