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WhatsApp: WhatsApp Sees 70% Drop In Viral Message Forwards After Imposing A Forward Limit

WhatsApp is seeing a 70% drop in the viral message forwards. This happened after the company imposed a limit of forwarded messages. Read ahead to know more.

Spread Of Fake News

Social media platforms are used to spread fake news to create fear and hatred amongst people. Moreover, in such desperate time, when the world is facing the coronavirus, the spread of fake news can prove to be misleading.

Furthermore, hackers and third parties are using WhatsApp to create and spread fake news amongst people. Moreover, these messages are then forwarded by people in groups and personal chat. The chain continues.

Not only are they misleading people, but also inducing them to share the message forward. They do so by making the message look authentic and official. Other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc are also used to forward fake messages.


Moreover, the freedom to express online is misused by such hackers and third-party goons. That is the reason why we require cyber laws.

Outcome Of Fake Messages

People tend to believe the messages not knowing that they are fake WhatsApp. Sometimes, those messages specify in the last to forward it. As a result, people end up forwarding it to numerous groups and the chain keeps on forming.

As a result, people are misled. They are made to believe things in which they shouldn’t. Moreover, it instills fear amongst them. Sometimes, it hurts their feelings as well. It can trigger fear and at the same time rage.

These messages induce people to take revenge and enforce conflicts. Moreover, many political conflicts these days arise due to some news circulation online. This very same news might be true to an extent, but the rest is all made up.

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WhatsApp Decision


To bring an end to the spread of fake news, WhatsApp has put a limit on the number of messages that can be forwarded at a time. This will prevent fake messages to get spread in large numbers at once.

Also, if the message is reported, WhatsApp will be able to find the source of the message quickly and investigate it.


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