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WhatsApp: WhatsApp Addresses Group Video-Calling Limitations To Better Compete With Zoom

WhatsApp addresses group video call limitations to better compete with Zoom. Furthermore, read ahead to see how apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams are creating great competition in the market.

The Current Situation (WhatsApp)

The coronavirus pandemic has put more than half of humanity into lockdown. As a result, offices, schools, colleges, and universities have shut down. Moreover, people are told to practice social distancing.

As a result, people around the globe stick to video calling to communicate with their loved ones. Furthermore, video conferencing has become a tool to conduct office meetings. Also, schools, colleges, and universities are conducting online classes for students.

Furthermore, they are asked to submit assignments and give viva’s online. Due to the current situation, companies like Google Zoom, Facebook Messenger, and Microsoft Teams are taking good advantage of the market.


All of a sudden, these companies are seeing an increase in users in millions every day. Moreover, they have become the source of online connectivity. People across the globe are dependent on these apps to resume their relations and formal duties online.

Google Zooms’s Massive Popularity

Google Zoom had ten million users using the app every day back in December 2019. However, Google Zoom now has 200 million users every day using the app. It is the greatest growth ever seen by a video calling based company.

Moreover, the app is the most preferred video conference mode across the world. Offices are conducting meetings and client interaction using Google Zoom. Furthermore, schools, colleges, and universities are using the Zoom app to conduct classes.

Also, online viva’s are taken on Google Zoom. The app gives a free 40-minute session. The session can be started again. Also, if you want sessions lasting beyond 40 minutes, users can purchase the premium Zoom pack.

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WhatsApp Address Group Video Calling Limitations


WhatsApp Video Calling only allows four people at a time. Looking at the current demand for video calling, WhatsApp is planning to make its video calling feature more flexible. Also, it wants to give competition to Google Zoom.

Furthermore, Zoom is facing data privacy breaching issues at the moment. Therefore, WhatsApp wants to take advantage of the situation and improve its video call feature. This will give the company more users and possibly compete with Google Zoom.


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