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WhatsApp: To Prevent Internet Slowdown, WhatsApp Limits Its Status Duration To 15 Secs


David Mudd

WhatsApp has also been affected by the lockdowns. Due to coronavirus, many people are subjected to lockdown. They are expected to stay at their homes to avoid any further spread of the pandemic.

Amongst this, WhatsApp has also noticed a massive increase in its usage. Since people are free now, they are more active on this site. This makes it very difficult for it to stay in a good state for everyone to use.

To do this, proper measures have to be taken. So, the makers have reduced the status video limit to 15 seconds. It was 30 seconds earlier. This is done to prevent any internet slowdown.


So, although you can be a little disappointed, this is done for your benefit. Now you can use it properly without any issues.

The Status Limit Is Reduced

To keep its users happy, WhatsApp has reduced the limit of the status videos. Now you cant send videos to the status longer than 16 seconds. Earlier, you could share videos till up to 30 seconds.

This is done to reduce the traffic on the server infrastructure. Also, it will cut strain on Internet networks. Amidst the lockdown, everyone is on the internet. This is bound to cause various issues.


However, if done right, you can continue to use your app smoothly. But many things have to be changed fro it. Many app platforms are taking certain measures to avoid getting any servers down.

They wouldn’t want to disappoint the users at this time.

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The Increase In Usage Of The App (WhatsApp)

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps over the world. It has 400 million users only in India.

So, it has to make sure that it stands up to their demands. WIth the lockdowns, the app features a 40% rise in its usage. This is one of the highest recorded numbers for the app as of now. So, it has to make the most of it.

This is why it has refrained people from putting videos that exceed 16 seconds. This will prove to reduce any extra Internet strain.


More About It (WhatsApp)

This app is now owned by Facebook. However, when it first came out, it allowed about 90 seconds of video to be posted as status. In general, a video that is until 16 MB could be posted as a story.

If your video exceeds that, you can always crop the video to put it as a story. However, as time went by, it reduced the length. Then, you could post until 30 seconds. But now it is reduced to 15 seconds.