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WhatsApp : The Social Media App To Add A “Search The Web” Feature


David Mudd

WhatsApp has been a great messaging platform. Billions of users interact using this platform regularly. So, it has naturally become a platform of all information exchange. A lot of information does rounds on the platform. So, it serves as an easy medium to share the wrong information. Every news spreads like wildfire. Therefore, WhatsApp is now adding a new feature.

This feature will help authenticate the information that you receive. Search the Web feature is something that their team is working on for long. Now, there are chances that it will soon be released. This will increase the authenticity of the information that you receive.


Now you can easily find out if the information that you’re getting is correct or not.

About The Feature

Now, in the beta version of the App, you can use this feature. It allows you to search the web for the video or text that you’ve got. This way you can get the context of the video and can understand if it’s correct or not. Therefore, you can get more reliable information.

This feature was very necessary. WhatsApp has been doing rounds with this feature for some time now. But now the platform has released a statement that it will provide this feature soon. So, users are very excited to test this feature and implement it in their routine.


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The Reason (WhatsApp)

This was done so that people get the right information. It is an urgent need now that the pandemic is spreading so quickly. People are sending false texts on WhatsApp. It is creating a condition of intense panic amongst people.

They are coerced by the wrong information. This will cause another intensity of chaos. So, this is the perfect moment to release this feature. This will ensure that users get the right information.


Swift Actions By The Authorities

The authorities are taking swift action about the same. They are in talks with WHO and other such organizations to spread the correct information. This is extremely important considering the present scenario. If the information that is received is not correct, it can impact a lot of people.