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WhatsApp: Self Destruct Message Option To Be Added


David Mudd

Whatsapp Self Destruct Message: We all know how important social media is in this age. It helps us connect with users worldwide. Thanks to social media, texting has become a common and vital part of most people in the world.

With the introduction of social media to people, privacy has always been a requirement. An app that offers privacy is what people prefer. WhatsApp is one such application(does not offer 100% privacy).

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About WhatsApp

Everybody knows WhatsApp. This Facebook-owned messenger app has at least 2 billion users! It was introduced to the world in 2009.

Whatsapp Self Destruct Message

Self-Destructing Messages

Considering how the world runs on messages now, privacy has always been an issue. Yes, WhatsApp offers end to end encryption so that people can’t access your texts but safety can’t be guaranteed.

For almost a year now, it has been working on self-destruct messages. Available for Android beta users for now.

However, it is not the first app to introduce this feature. Considering the popularity of Snapchat for such features, I would say it is heading in the right direction.

Whatsapp Self Destruct Message

How It Works (Whatsapp Self Destruct Message)

This feature is not out yet. According to several reports, the user gets to choose the duration of the availability of messages. After the expiry of the duration, messages are deleted.

Considering the failure of ‘Delete for everyone’ feature, the introduction of ‘Self-destructing messages’ seems like a good step to take.

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Verdict (Whatsapp Self Destruct Message)

With the introduction of such features, WhatsApp is taking good steps. Such features only add to safety and privacy. Their next step must be working on features like the ones offered by Snapchat.

Whatsapp Self Destruct Message

WhatsApp has not announced this feature yet. Therefore, it is tough to predict when this feature might roll out. I hope it is released as soon as possible. I can’t wait to test this feature out since I have nothing to do (Thanks to COVID-19).