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WhatsApp New Coronavirus Fact-Checking Chatbot And How To Use It

Whatsapp has this amazing feature to come to your rescue. With all the rumors regarding coronavirus doing the rounds, there is a need to clarify information that is going around. And that can be quite misleading at times.

It is because of information of the like that people are even more afraid about what is going on. They are worried about unnecessary things and then creating useless chaos. So to make sure that nothing of the like misguided everyone, Whatsapp came with a chatbot that can sort your queries.

You can now use it to your benefit. Also, you can make sure that you are aware of whatever is happening with the pandemic. So get your queries right with this chatbot.


Why Use The Chatbot In The First Place?

There are other options to put your queries on. So you’d think why to go over with a chatbot for this. But then googling your queries or putting it over any other place can be pretty misleading. Also, it can be additional use of energy, time.

You will have to filter the right information. And you may fail to get what you want in time. So, this chatbot can get your work easy. It has been created using about 80 fact-checking organizations spreading over 74 countries.

So many hoaxes are at a rest due to it already. You just have to add it to your Whatsapp and then access it like you’d access any other chat. Just that the information that you’ll get will be verified.

How Can I Use It?

Using this chatbot is one of the easiest things to do. You just have to feed a number on your mobile phone. It is +1 727 291 2606. Then, you have to text ‘Hello’ to it. With this, you’ll get a warm greeting and information about how you can access information.

You will be provided with a menu to use and ask questions from the chatbot. So, you can go over the database of the chatbot.

Using that information you can verify or debunk the things that you’re thinking of. It can give you quite some clarity about what you think about the pandemic and its spread.


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What Else Do We Know About It?

Right now, this chatbot is available in only one language and that is English. But work is going on to support other languages on the bot as well. We are expecting Hindi and Spanish to join the lane pretty soon.

Whatsapp is working on making this work for its users with a lot of courage. And that is pretty outstanding. With this, misinformation would be greatly controlled.

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