WhatsApp: A Feature Now Lets You Verify The Forwarded Messages


David Mudd

WhatsApp now allows you to verify the forwarded messages sent on groups and personal messages. Read ahead to know more.

The Purpose Of This Feature

Fake news doesn’t take much time to spread on the various social media platforms. As a result, it causes panic, riots, abuse, and violence amongst the people. Furthermore, currently, fake news regarding coronavirus is being shared a lot on Whatsapp.

As a result, people are panicking. Furthermore, in panic, they forward the same news ahead on various groups. This creates panic and distortion in people. It also causes one to take steps that can potentially harm others. To prevent this, WhatsApp came up with this feature.


How Does The Feature Work

You can verify the forwarded messages. You will see a small verifying icon next to the forwarded message. On clicking on the verifying icon, Whatsapp asks whether you want to verify the forwarded message.

If selected yes, then WhatsApp will search the message on Google. It directs you on the Google page where you can check the authenticity of the message. Moreover, you can check whether the news the message conveyed is true or not.

If it is fake, you can report the message to WhatsApp. Cyber action will be taken. Furthermore, the source of the message will be traced. If caught spreading fake news and creating panic amongst people, you will be charged for cybercrime.

People can be put in jail and charged with heavy fines for spreading fake news. Every country’s cyber laws have become extremely strict nowadays. Therefore people should refrain from spreading fake news. Also, they should not believe in one before verifying it.


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When Will The Feature Be Available

The feature is still in its development phase. WhatsApp has not yet released the official date from which the feature will be available. Furthermore, the feature will be first made available for Android Users followed by iOS users.

The feature is expected to be available in May 2020.