What’s The Difference Between Manga Manhua and Manhwa? Here’s The Full Explanation!


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Here is the explanation of What’s The Difference Between Manga, Manhua and Manhwa? Do you also think that Manga, manhwa and manhua are the same? If the answer is yes, then we’d like to inform you it’s not the same. Here’s a comparison between the three types of East Asian comics. Keep reading to know what we have found out so far for you.

The Popularity of Manga

In few years, the popularity of manga has not only increased all over the world but it also created a deep interest in manhwa and manhua. Manga, manhwa and manhua sound similar but they are typically categorized in a differ terms.

The Origin

Manga comes from Japan, manhwa is Korean, and manhua comes from China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong. The Japanese word “manga” and the Korean word “manhwa” are derived from the Chinese “manhua,”.

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During its origin, These terms were used to describe all types of comics and graphic novels. It wasn’t a matter of fact that where they came from. However, The popularity and demand that has been growing by the readers all over the world, It has become a matter of fact to categorize these terms to designate the country of origin of the comics.

What’s The Difference Between Manga Manhua and Manhwa?


Manga comes from Japan, everyone is quite familiar with Manga. It is popular for featuring cartoonish characters with oversized eyes. What makes it different from Manhwa and Manhua is that Manga is universally published in black and white.

All original manga is written in Japanese but are now translated into multiple languages for a global audience. The layout is designed in a way that supposed to be read from right to left.

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Manga plays an important role in the Japanese economy. The popularity has spread around the world, such as US, Canada, Europe, and more. There are many genres in the manga world. Let’s talk about different types of genre in manga.

The Different Types of Genre In Manga


This manga genre are mainly read and liked by teenage girls. The name Shôjo is named after a Japanese word meaning “young girl.”
Shôjo talks about relationships between friends and couples and the emotional issues. If we talk about its artwork, it includes hearts and flowers.


Josei manga is known to be an mature version shôjo. It has themes like friendship and romance and it also focuses on emotion than action. The characters are very complex in such manga.


It focuses on Adult genre, meaning ‘youth’s. Readers are supposed to be males aged between 18 and 30. It includes character development. It features science fiction and pornography themes mainly.


Shônen manga is highly read by adolescent boys, but the stereotype has broken and it is now read by many young girls too. It features high-action scenes and adventures.

What’s The Difference Between Manga Manhua and Manhwa?


As mentioned above, Manhwa is Korean. Unlike Manga, Manhwa is read from left to right, same as English language comics and graphic novels. All original manhwa is published in Korean, many popular series are translated into different languages also.

Manhwa artists are known as “manhwaga,”. Characters that are featured in it are large, cartoonish eyes, and are super realistic. Unlike Manga, Manhwa is in full color.

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It hasn’t yet gained as much attention as manga, but its popularity with international audiences is growing by the day. During the Japanese occupation, many political manhwa was controversial, and the government went on to outlaw the artform for years. Manhwa earned its first attention in the 2010s, by an online comic sharing sites such as Lezhin and LINE Webtoon.

What’s The Difference Between Manga Manhua and Manhwa?


Manhua are comics created in China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong. The first published manhua was the 1904 “Current Affairs Comics’, about war and politics of that time. In 1928, manhua magazine, Shanghai Sketch, was created.

Manhua comics and graphic novels can be read from left to right or right to left. In China it is read from left to right, and in Hong Kong or Taiwan are read from right to left.

Those who create manhua is called a “manhuajia,”. The characters are more realistic and less stylized fashion. Manhua comics is produced in full color rather than black and white. It includes themes such as politics, comedy, action, and kids.


Manga is very popular among world, but these days, manhwa and manhua are also gaining popularity in the global.

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