What’s the Buzz: VPNs?


Sandeep Singh

Most of us use the internet in all areas of our lives – from work to personal finances, to pure entertainment. Basically, we live a good chunk of our lives online. As a result, our personal information is more exposed than ever before. If you know a person’s browsing history you can put together a pretty decent image of their physical location, preferences, and personality.

And this leads us to the rise in online threats. Advertisers track our personal data to target us with ads. And worst – cybercriminals use it to run different online scams like identity theft, ransomware, phishing, and more.

That’s why online data protection and cybersecurity tools are becoming increasingly important. One of these tools that are becoming a household must-have is a VPN. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to protect your browsing history and internet traffic. It’s a great way to protect yourself from these online threats, and boost your internet experience at the same time.

VPNs Explained 

When you browse the web you exchange data with other websites. The data is sent back and forth from your device to another server, and both are identified by a distinct Internet Protocol address (IP address). This daily internet traffic goes through your internet service provider (ISP), and this connection is not very private or encrypted.

Your ISP, government, trackers, and snoops can see your data. Moreover, most ISPs sell their user’s information to advertisers.

This is where VPNs come on – they reroute your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel and a private server. This allows you to keep your IP masked and your internet traffic private, so no one can track you. Another reason VPNs are so popular is that they improve your general internet experience when you’re streaming, playing, or shopping online.

 Our Pick – Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access (PIA) is our favorite VPN. It protects your privacy by using the best encryption protocols and applying the most strict privacy policies. It features sleek and user-friendly designed apps for all major operating systems, and you can use it on 10 devices simultaneously. It also has optimized servers for streaming and gaming, so you can enjoy a safe and ultra-fast connection.

Keep on reading our in-depth review of PIA’s main features, and enjoy a special limited benefit for our readers.

Private Internet Access VPN Review

Full Transparency

We think this is the most important thing about VPNs – if you can’t trust them, they’re worthless. A VPN should give you online security. That takes effort and expertise. So if you come across free VPNs or if you find a certain VPN privacy policy somewhat obscure, then ask yourself, how are they able to turn a profit?

That’s why we believe PIA is the most trustworthy VPN out there. They have a 100% No Logs policy. Meaning they don’t keep their user’s IP address, browsing history, session timestamps, bandwidth consumption records, DNS queries, and connection logbooks. That’s the best privacy policy we’ve seen.

 High-Speed VPN Network

Have you heard about ISP throttling? Most ISPs cap your bandwidth based on your online activities or at rush hour. Usually, if you do anything that’s bandwidth-heavy like gaming, streaming, or downloading files. Public networks will often do the same. But by using a fast VPN like PIA you can avoid this kind of ISP throttling.

PIA uses the fastest VPN protocols and has a high-speed global network. Their advanced VPN servers are optimized for 10Gb Gbps connection speeds. They have servers in over 80 countries. And they have no bandwidth restrictions or throttling. These benefits are bound to give your internet connection a real speed boost during rush hour.

 Ironclad Encryption and Security

Unfortunately, it’s really easy to take the wrong internet turn and have your data exposed to bad third parties. That’s why when it comes to encryption, every little detail counts. PIA’s expertise and vast experience show with their extra protection features like – Split Tunneling, secure Kill Switch, built-in Ad Blocking, automation rules options, and customizable settings.

Another thing we love about PIA is that they give you the option to choose between two of the top encryption ciphers – 128-bit AES and 256-bit AES. That way you never compromise your security. 128-bit AES is lightweight and perfect for gaming and streaming. And 256-bit AES is used by government bodies and is ideal for sending your most sensitive private data.

Internet On-The-Go

Using PIA gives you access to an open internet, always with you on any device. No more Wi-Fi bandwidth caps. No more blocked social media websites and apps at school or work. No more issues with your favorite streaming websites when you’re on holiday overseas. No more content censorship when you’re traveling abroad for work. No more price discrimination on shopping websites.

By hiding your digital identity PIA gives you an open and fair internet. Because your ISP, government, and snoop won’t be able to see what you do online, you will be able to avoid their manipulations.

 Available on Any Device

Some VPNs offer only desktop or internet browser support – and we find it quite outdated. When you’re using a VPN you want one that’s going to work on all your devices for full protection. We mean, we spend at least half the time on our mobile phones, so not protecting there just doesn’t make sense.

PIA has dedicated apps for all major operating systems – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and more. You can easily download their apps and use them on your phone, computer, tablet, gaming consoles, routers, and smart TVs. PIA also gives you simultaneous access on 10 devices. So it just makes it very easy for the average Joe to use a VPN and enjoy all its benefits, without having to be too techy.

 24/7 Live Customer Support

Buying a subscription with messy customer support is a big no-no. Your time is valuable, and when you buy something you should expect the best service. This is one of the key elements we look to find in a great VPN.

PIA has a team of VPN experts, available 24/7. Their customer support will guide you and help you at any time via live chat or email. They also have an excellent support portal with tips and guides to help you get the most out of your PIA VPN.

 Price & Plans

The bottom line – is it worth the money?

Yes. PIA is the best VPN out there for privacy and protection. Plus it has great features that will boost your internet experience. And it comes at a very affordable price, especially when you compare it to other top-of-the-line VPNs. That’s what makes it our ultimate VPN choice.

PIA has an exclusive offer for Trending News Buzz readers. You can get PIA now for only $2.19 per month. This subscription gives you the most trustworthy VPN for 2 years, and you also get 2 months free. Of course, you can try their monthly regular subscription for $11.99. And in any case, all plans are covered by their 30-day money-back guarantee.