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What You Need to Know About American Taxes While Living Abroad?


Sandeep Singh

All the American citizens who are living abroad must have to go through a lot of differences in their life. Living in a different country is difficult and it brings a lot of cultural change for the people. Beside this, there are certain things these people need to learn before moving abroad. One of thing that no one can miss is the Taxes,

To the people who are living abroad, you must think that you will get away with all the taxes of the country but the US have something else to say regarding this. People living outside the country must go through these rules and regulations regarding the Taxes.

There is another popular sayings among the people of US regarding the tax is the federal tax return even after moving to another country. In this article, we’ll be going through all the details regarding the US Expat Tax for the Americans living abroad.

Do American Citizens Living Abroad Have to Pay Taxes to the Country?

One of the main questions that strikes your mind while going through the taxes is whether you have to pay taxes to your country while being abroad or not.

The Answer is “YES”. Americans who are living abroad but have a US Citizenship are ultimately citizens of the US. They are registered as a citizen of the country which means they have to pay Taxes to the authorities. The rules and regulations regarding the Taxes are similar to the citizens living in the country.

Why Do Americans Living Abroad Still Need to Pay US Taxes?

There are different rules and regulations of the country for the taxes. When it comes to the people living abroad, the approach changes more dramatically from country to country. Talking about America, the country has fixed some rules and regulations for the taxpayers residing outside America.

There are two kinds of taxes: Territorial-based and Residence-based taxation.

Territorial-based Taxation: In this form, the country taxes the citizens on the basis of the income earned from the sources of the country.

Residence-based taxation: In this Form, the country taxes the local residents from the sources earned from the country’s and the foregin sources.

These two are the commonly used taxation for the country but in the case of the US, the country taxes Citizenship-based taxes which includes taxes imposed on their overall incomes, earned within the countries and outside the country.

People can find different application that can help them to find right way to fill the Taxes. Various platforms have entered the market for the customer and they give support to their tax problems. One of the easy and secure ways is Exactfile.

Exactfile is The #1 US Expat Tax Filing Software used by the citizens for their Taxes. The software promised to say “With Expat Files do-it-yourself tax software, US expats can now e-file their own expat tax return in as quick as 10 minutes. Smart, simple, and secure. Be stress-free in no-time!”

Millions of people are using the online platform for easy access to taxes. If you are looking at a similar application that makes your life easy then you must check it out. The customer feedback of the application will give you a quick insight of how the software works.

The application is easy to use and requires simple steps to follow. Anyone can set up the application using simple steps. Now, one doesn’t need to run behind people to deal with the taxes.

How Can I Avoid Paying Taxes Living Abroad?

According to the US Tax law, there are rare ways to avoid taxes. The only way to avoid filing taxes is through renouncing your US Citizenship. People who are working abroad and don’t want to pay taxes can go through the way and avoid filling the taxes to the country.

However, this is not an easy way and comes withs serious and big thinking. Anyone who is planning to Renounce their US citizenship must think numerous times. One needs to see all the requirements and follow the rules for it.

Moreover, uif you are a person residing outside America but you are a citizen of the country or have a green card, you must go through all this. One needs to pay taxes for the US, if he is the citizen of the country, irrespective of where he/she lives.