What Writing Hacks for Bloggers and Creative Writers Exist and How They Can Use Them?


David Mudd

Creative writing is an area that constantly keeps attracting many people around the globe. However, it is not just about writing ideas on a piece of paper or typing texts on Pcs. It is an obligation that requires much more than that. Perhaps you can think about it as an easy job that demands from you only to sit down and record your thoughts. Believe us, it is much more than that. It can be noticed that a few groups of people specifically are growing their interests in this type of writing. Those are creative writers and bloggers. As we all know, blogging has become a famous activity that a lot of celebrity individuals gladly make.

But they are not the only ones. Being popular is not a requirement to start your blog. Hence, there are thousands of “regular” people that like blogging and sharing their content. But something they often miss out on is creative writing skills. Even hundreds of creative writers themselves lack them. Luckily, we are here to provide you with the best hacks and tips you can use to improve your writing skills. Let’s make a small list of things you should pay attention to.

Commit To Reading

It is often the case that students particularly don’t pay too much attention to reading. And it is all expected and natural, isn’t it? But if we say that creative writers and bloggers don’t practice it, it doesn’t sound the same, right? Well, only one of the reasons why the use of a paper writing service can benefit you. Students are frequently tempted to seek help through these services. That is not anything wrong. However, our point is that you should perhaps try to read more before you decide to hire writing services. Reading is an activity that opens up peoples’ minds and expands their point of view. It can help you to understand what is necessary for creative writing and what you should be focusing on. Through reading, we are acquiring significant knowledge that we can apply to our lives and learn about different situations as well as how to deal with them. Regardless of what you read; it can’t be bad. But it would be beneficial if you try to find some literature related to creative writing, such as:

  • “Find Your Voice” – Angie Thomas
  • “Feel Free” – Zadie Smith
  • “The Hatred of Poetry” – Ben Larner

Use Notebook

Another thing you can apply to your daily habit is carrying a notebook. It can unexpectedly be useful for creative minds like yours. Have you ever experienced how some brutal business idea comes to your mind while you are walking through the park during the night? Just imagine that you had a notebook by your side. What could have happened? It is in our nature to forget things and that’s another reason why you should carry one with you. Some ideas for your blog posts may arrive out of nowhere and if you don’t have a notebook, it will probably be forgotten. However, it is fair to say that, nowadays, the use of technological features helps us a lot. Hence, you can install a notebook application on your phone and write down your ideas there.

Offload Negative Thoughts and Open Up Your Mind

Being a successful creative writer implies that you possess a truly inspirational and resourceful mind. What does it mean? Well, it is related to how quickly you respond to the ideas that can suddenly come. Everyone has some issues, personal or business-related ones. There is no perfect person in the world. So, try to offload all the negativity out of you and concentrate on opening up your mind. Try to be more creative and let the flow of your thoughts be like a river.

Be Willing to Hear What Others Are Thinking

The utilization of many legit essay writing services is well-known in today’s world. Students are constantly using them to solve their writing problems and have their essays ready for college or school demands. Although this can have similarities with the willingness to hear others’ opinions, you can do it in a much easier way. There is no need for hiring writing companies to listen to what different perspectives look like. Be friendly-oriented and feel free to listen to suggestions or advice from your close ones. But also, you can watch some educational videos online to see what experts have to say about creative writing. You can find useful information which can be used to improve your texts or blog posts.

Don’t Hesitate to Participate in Online Courses

The use of the Internet is a thing that many don’t fully understand. Or better said, they don’t know what its full potential is and how it can help them. We are using it every single day. It has been implemented into our lives and became equal to our pets or a garden that we care about. So, take it to your advantage and participate in some online courses related to created writing. There’s nothing to shame about. You can learn a lot through them and also meet other participants who can share experiences with you.


Creative writing and blogging often come together. We are slowly starting to realize how it affects younger populations and lures them to let themselves into these waters. If that’s the case with you, make sure not to forget any of our secret hacks! You can thank us later.