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What We Do In The Shadows Season 2: Season Starts Wildly, What Lies Ahead For The Show?


David Mudd

Adopting the movie as a series was an incredible decision What We Do In The Shadows. This could give fans the completeness they deserve and explore new concepts.

The most significant part of the series was expanding the character of Guillermo. He wasn’t very well appreciated, but the series made sure he gets the attention he deserves.

Season One

The beginning of the show introduced the viewers to the Staten Island vampires. It focused mainly on Guillén. The show paid a lot of attention to detail in keeping up with the lower side of his relationship with his vampiric master, Nandor.

What We Do In The Shadows

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Season 2

The What We Do In The Shadows second season of the show gives more space to the characters. It brings out their thoughts, expressions and perceptions towards the interim.

Resurrection does give the show a lot of hype. Also, the persistent ways incorporated by Guillermo to become a vampire hunter to come to life and help in increasing the fan base of the show.

Guest Appearances What We Do In The Shadows

The primary reason the show is loved so much is for making the guest appearances so memorable and enticing. The audience is very keen on the concept. Moreover, this serves as a pleasant surprise for the viewers, and they always have a bit of curiosity dawdling over their heads.

Some of the celebrities who had appeared on the season one are Waititi, Clement, Evan Rachel Wood, Paul Ruebens, and Wesley Snipes.

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What We Do In The Shadows

Craig Robinson seems to make it to the list. His appearance will definitely stir things up. A lot cannot be told about the storyline regarding his appearance. But, we are sure that the mixing in the group will bring a hell lot of drama to the screens.

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