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What Should We Expect From Ozark Season 4?

Ozark is a massive hit for Netflix around the world, and is one of the most unique and engaging television shows released over the past few years.

Part of the reason why Ozark has such a significant following is that gambling and online casino enthusiasts can relate to many aspects of the show, especially during the latter seasons.

Anyone who works in the accounting or related industries, or who lives in the Ozarks, may also find the show very appealing.

With Netflix announcing that season four of Ozark would be the final chapter in the story of Marty Byrde and his family, we discuss what fans and critics should expect from the coming season.

Ozark is at an End

Fans of Ozark may have been disappointed to learn that the television series would not return after season four, when Netflix announced that there would be one final season as they are choosing to move ahead with other programming.

One reason to celebrate is that Ozark will get to tell its entire story in the way that the creators and producers intended. Netflix commissioned 14 episodes for this fourth season, and this will air in two parts.

The first part is likely to feature the first seven episodes, while the second part will contain the back end of episodes to wrap up the story. Considering the events of season three, fans may not be too surprised that season four is the conclusion.

Many people who watch Ozark commented at the end of season three, that they felt the story of the Byrdes was coming to a conclusion.

The Premise of Ozark Explained

Ozark is an American television series that was initially released on Netflix in the summer of 2017. The story follows accountant Marty Byrde and his family, as he helps run a money laundering scheme for the Mexican drug cartel.

When the scheme hits a significant snag, Marty must find a way to save his life, remain financially afloat, and take care of his family. He devises a plan which involves moving his entire family to the Ozarks region of the United States, where he attempts to set up a significant money laundering operation for the same drug cartel.

Marty and his family eventually entangle themselves with the local criminal element in the Ozarks, these being the Langmore and Snell clans. They also work with the Kansas City Mafia, as they open up a casino on a boat.

What to Expect from Season Four

Considering the delays to television shows over the past 12 to 18 months, fans of Ozark may be forgiven for wondering if season four was ever going to be released on Netflix.

Now that new episodes are only a few weeks away, fans are eagerly anticipating catching up with the Byrdes again. When fans last got a glimpse of the action on Ozark, the Byrdes were in deep trouble with the Mexican cartel.

Towards the end of season three, the Byrdes had built up a significant rivalry against Helen Pierce, who works for the cartel as an attorney. She was hoping to eliminate the entire family, but her hopes did not go according to plan.

Helen managed to put herself in prime position to take over the riverboat casino which the Byrdes had set up in the show. Her name was on their gaming license, which led to her informing her boss, Omar Navarro, that he had the go-ahead with killing Marty and Wendy.

The Byrdes however turn the tables on Helen and inform the FBI about a rival cartel to Navarro’s, in doing so earning the trust of the FBI. Instead of killing the Byrdes, Navarro shoots Helen Pierce, ending her life and involvement on the show.

Season four is set to pick up directly after the events of season three, which should make for interesting viewing.

Who Will Die?

The million dollar question for fans of Ozark is whether any of the main characters will survive the final season of the award winning television show.

Fans often take to online forums to speculate about their favorite characters on a show, and how that character’s story may conclude. Ozark is no different in this regard, with many people suggesting that most of the main characters may not survive season four.

Considering the precarious position of the Byrdes heading into season four, there seems little reason to believe either Marty or Wendy can survive working for the drug cartel in the long-term.

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney Shine

Every quality television show centers around its primary characters, with Marty and Wendy Byrde filling these roles in Ozark.

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, two of the most talented actors of their generation, do these characters justice in every scene. While Ozark has a very interesting plot and plenty of twists, the character development and acting ability of its lead characters is what makes it such a compelling watch.

While Bateman and Linney are often in a league of their own, Julia Garner also steals the show as Ruth Langmore. A loudmouthed, intelligent young woman, Ruth works her way into the Byrde family business, proving that she has the intelligence and tenacity to achieve her goals.

Enjoying Ozark as a Gambler

One of the interesting aspects of Ozark is how the show portrays gambling. Those who have a passion for casino or card games may find the casino element of the show very interesting.

Many television shows prefer to focus on the glitz and glamor associated with casinos, but Ozark takes a different approach. The show demonstrates the effort involved in obtaining a license to run a casino, while showcasing how Marty and his family use the casino to launder their money.

If you are an avid gambler, or a general fan of thriller television shows, you are no doubt eagerly anticipating Ozark season four as much as the rest of the Ozark fans.

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