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What Makes Grindelwald A Compelling Villain

To the Harry Potter fandom, Gellert Grindelwald is known as second only to the Dark Lord himself. Though I find it rather odd as to why that is the case. Grindelwald triggered a World War and reigned supreme for almost two decades; before his defeat at the hands of Albus Dumbledore. As far as we know, Voldemort’s reach never really expanded beyond Europe; most likely because he was too obsessed with the prophecy to start expanding.

And while it is indeed true that Voldemort dabbled into Dark Arts more than anyone, Grindelwald’s reign was arguably worse. Charismatic as he was in his youth, Tom Riddle slowly corrupted himself as he went about splitting his soul into seven. As he became a husk of his former-self, Voldemort became as far removed from humanity as possibly can be.

Grindelwald, on the other hand, never really lost the charisma. As skilled a wizard as he was, his most deadly tool was his silver-tongue. From the get-go, Grindelwald’s message and motivations are inherently political. His yearning to repeal the Statute Of Secrecy stems from his belief that magic blooms only in rare souls.


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Magic Blooms Only In Rear Souls

What separates the two villains is the fact that Grindelwald believes in magical supremacy and not blood-purity. His insistence on labelling himself as a “friend” to the non-magic folk is especially telling. He sees them as useful and rejects the notion that they are useless, but it’s fair to say that he believes they will have a role to play in this War.

His motives may be rational but his means to achieve his goals are anything but. While it is indeed true that he advocates magical supremacy but still wants Muggles to have a place in the world he creates, it’s very telling that Gellert has no qualms using anyone to do his bidding.

He never sullies his own hands, but doesn’t regret the murder of a Muggle child. And not just that, he doesn’t seem to care that he has martyred a young witch to further his own agenda. His endgame is so dangerous because everyone is a pawn in his schemes as he ascends to the top. Those are the real “Crimes Of Grindelwald.”


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