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What Lies Below Movie Review


David Mudd

How does it feel when you come across something very unexpected and weird? Well that is what Libby, a sixteen year old comes across. As Libby catches up with her mother she comes across something unexpected. What is it and how does it go on? Let us try and find out.

About What Lies Below

What Lies Below is a horror film directed by Braden R. Duemmler and starring Ema Horvath, Mena Suvari, and Trey Tucker that was released in 2020.

Suvari and Horvath’s smooth, realistic mother/daughter chemistry gives “What Lies Below” a promising start.

Michelle brings Libby up from science camp, and she’s just as excited to see her (and show off John) as Libby is to be alone. Libby turns off the car radio as quickly as Michelle can turn it on, causing some good-natured but canned pain. While the initial chats about John aren’t exactly inspiring; they have sex, but it’s also a serious relationship! Suvari’s careless joy complements Horvath’s pouting wonderfully.

What Happens In The Movie What Lies Below?

With that in mind, “What Lies Below” mostly relies on its underutilised central scenario: what would you do if a handsome eccentric attempted to be your stepfather?

Tucker’s arch, halting tone of speaking, as well as his character’s fascination in fertility stones and peculiar habit of sniffing his own balled-up tee-shirts, supposedly signal to viewers that John isn’t all there. Imagine “Legally Blonde,” only now it’s a horror movie about a smart and attractive man— John also appears in Libby’s nightmares, wading into a shallow pool of trippy, orangish-pink light.

When Libby has her period, he becomes a touch too comfortable with her; “you have a little red in your hair,” he says without any lust or excitement in his voice. This, too, is illuminating in the end.

John appears odd, but he could always use a little extra eccentricity. On the one hand, writer/director Braden R. Duemmler never overplays the silliness of being threatened by a well-dressed pedant.

If your film is a coming-of-age horror thriller with an attractive stalker who may or may not be motivated by a brain parasite, on the other hand, why not go a little further with the pure campiness of the setup?

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Who Are The Star Actors Of What Lies Below?

The star cast of What Lies Below is not very vast but there is much of it to support the storyline so amazingly.

  • Ema Horvath as Liberty Wells
  • Mena Suvari as Michelle Wells
  • Trey Tucker as John Smith
  • Haskiri Velasquez as Marley

What Is The Guy In What Lies Below?

Libby walks into town earlier in the film and encounters a man who looks exactly like John. That was one of the clones we saw at the end, it turns out.

“John is designed by his species,” Duemmler explains to E.W. He’s an exoskeleton that’s been created to look like a Venus flytrap.

Despite the fact that the exoskeleton is the same, the algorithm for each one differs. One of them is a scientist, and the other is a bit of a nerd. The other is a little bit of a hipster.

The other is a little more rock-and-roll. They do it to appeal to various personalities, yet they’re all pursuing the same objective, as shown in the final photo. They’re gathering samples.”

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What Is The Release Date Of What Lies Below?

On December 4, 2020, ‘What Lies Below’ was released in video-on-demand format in the United States and Canada. The film did not premiere in the United Kingdom until February 22, 2021, after which it was released in other European nations.

Will There Be A What Lies Below 2?

John Smith, Michelle’s younger fiancée, appears to be a gentleman and a guy of remarkable poise, but he is hiding a secret far more sinister than anything Libby could imagine. The film had a favourable reception upon its initial release, owing to a mind-blowing conclusion that elevates the plot to a new level. If you’re curious about the possibility of a sequel to ‘What Lies Below,’ we’ve got you covered.

The filmmaker, however, stated that he did not want to enter into the sequel project right once because he had other projects that needed his attention. While merely the director’s wish does not justify a sequel, the picture was well received upon its initial release. Fans adored the retro-tinged and cerebral horror adventure, which is why it ascended to the top of Netflix’s streaming charts in such a short time after its release.

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What Lies Below has got a lot to be explored more than we were not able to cover up right here. But soon we will come up with something more about it! Until then stay up with us.

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