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What is the Snow Girl About? What Do We Know So Far About This Netflix Series?


Aditi Deshinge

The Snow Girl is a brand new Spanish mystery series which has just landed on Netflix. In this article, we have explained what is the show is all about. So keep scrolling down and read out this entire article to know more.

Spain continues to create new shows for the international market and Netflix has been pivotal in making the European country an outstanding pool of talent to pull from.

This miniseries tell us the story of Miren who is a young reporter and becomes interested in the kidnapping of 5 years old Amaya Martin. Then years after her kidnapping, new clues seems that might lead to the girl’s location.

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What is the Snow Girl About?

The Snow Girl is based on a novel by Javier Castillo and it follows a journalist in Malaga who is trying to solve the case of a missing girl. The official synopsis of the series is as follows –

“Malaga, 2010, Three Wise Men parade. The most magical moment of the year turns into a nightmare for the Martín family when their daughter Amaya disappears in the crowd.

What is the Snow Girl About?

“Miren, a trainee journalist, begins an investigation parallel to that of Inspector Millán that will awaken aspects of her past that she would have liked to forget. With the help of her journalist colleague Eduardo, Miren will not stop until she finds the girl. Where is Amaya Martín?”

 In this series there are overall six episodes and all of them are available to stream on Netflix now.

What is the cast of The Snow Girl?

The show is starred with Milena Smit as Miren. The star is well known for her performances in Cross the Line and Parallel Mothers.

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The Series Also Contains Stars as Follows

Milena Smit as Miren Rojo a young newspaper journalist who investigates the disappearance of a young girl.

José Coronado as Miren’s journalist colleague Eduardo who helps her investigate.

Aixa Villagrán as Belén Millán the Inspector tasked with finding the Martín family’s daughter Amaya.

Tristán Ulloa as David Luque

Loreto Mauleón as Ana Núñez, Amay’s mother

Julián Villagrán

While speaking with Numero, Smit spoke about how the experience of shooting the series between Malaga and Madrid was like being able to breathe again and she said that –

“It helped me because in addition to connecting with the crew… the character of Miren is quite alone and I had time to think and relocate my emotions inside. Now I can say I feel good and I no longer live with anxiety or depression,”

Is the Snow Girl Worth to Watch?

Well, The Snow Girl has received positive reviews from critics as well as audience and some highlighted the series may be a bit of a tough watch. The Ready Steady Cut’s Jonathan Wilson wrote for the show as –

What is the Snow Girl About?

“Some very heavy content and themes can make it a tough watch, but The Snow Girl is a well-constructed and compelling crime thriller.”

Karina Adelgaard of Heaven of Horror also wrote: “Don’t expect the ending of The Snow Girl to be all pretty and happy. This story is far too realistic to suddenly go all fairytale on us.”

The Snow Girl is a dark, brooding and mysterious with six episodes and we are taken on a rollercoaster of unimaginable pain as the hunt for Amaya continues through the years.

All the threads as well as characters are weaved so well together that the tension and the story take us on a journey to find out who took Amaya.

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What is the Release Date of the Snow Girl?

Written by Jesús Mesas Silva and Javier Andrés Roig with episodes directed by David Ulloa and Laura Alvea, the series completed production in December 2022.

Filmed in Malaga and Madrid in Spain, Netflix confirmed that the Spanish mystery thriller would be released on Netflix on January 27, 2023.

What is Ending Explained of the Snow Girl?

The last episode of The Snow Girl began nine years after Amaya’s disappearance with Miren being questioned by the police before intending to visit Iris, the woman she believes to have kidnapped Amaya. However, the one thing she’s unclear of is Iris’s motive.

She visits under the pretence of reporting about people living in rural areas. Iris eventually lets Miren into her house and the two talk, whilst Miren has her suspicions, she can’t 100% confirm if Amaya is in the property.

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