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What Is the Release Date Kdrama Love and Leashes and Much More?

Formerly of the K-pop phenomenon Girls’ Generation and the first to go solo, Seohyun has recently been concentrating on acting. She co-stars in Love and Leashes on Netflix with Lee Jun-young, who began his career in the boy band U-KISS before stepping on to the Korean competition show series The Unit. Will romance suffer when coworkers Ji-woo and Ji-hoo give in to exploring their dominant and submissive urges?

On BDSM, Love and Leashes adopt a refreshingly unbiased stance. It’s a subject that’s frequently turned into a visual joke in movies. You’re familiar with the vinyl attire, the handcuffs, the whips, and the red-lit torture rooms. Its practitioners even have a propensity to be confined to a particular measure, which is precisely the worry Ji-hoo has. He fears that if his submissive nature is known, society will reject him, and it doesn’t assist that his ex labeled him a deviant when she discovered it.

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Leashes, however, respects Ji- Hoo’s agency when he raises the subject of dominance and submission with Ji-woo, softly presenting the dog collar with a typical case of misplaced package delivery, and allowing for his specific needs within its rom-com setting. A nice twist on the standard romantic comedy plot is their initial encounter and the ensuing hotel-bound dog and master experiment, which normalizes the role of every person.

love and leashes

What Is the Release Date of Love and Leashes?

From Friday, February 11, 2022, at 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET, the romantic comedy is available on Netflix.

Is There a Trailer for Love and Leashes?

Yes, an English trailer is available for Love and Leashes. Before watching it on Netflix, you can watch the trailer below to find out if you will like it

The Cast of Love and Leashes

  • Seohyun as Jung Ji-Woo
  • Joon-Young Lee as Jung Ji-Hoo
  • Lee El  as  Hye Mi
  • Baek Hyun-Joo as Ji Woo’s Mother
  • Ahn Seung-Kyoon as Lee Han
  • Lee Suk-Hyeong as Woo Hyuk

What Is the Plot of Love and Leashes?

Ji-woo is fundamentally dissatisfied with the way things are since she is dissatisfied with modern dating and enraged by her annoying supervisor who regularly disparages the ladies in the office. However, she has a rude awakening when she unintentionally opens a box intended for Ji-hoo. The spiky, leather dog collar is made to fit a human collar. Will she think he is a pervert if he freaks out? On the contrary, she’s curious. Ji-hoo is completely enamored when Ji-woo expresses her concern that others would perceive her as being overly dictatorial. He grins sheepishly and begs, “Ji-woo, will you be my master?”

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Ji-woo decides to be Ji-master hoo’s after researching BDSM online, in particular the typical relationship between a dom and a sub. The two then sign a three-month agreement with provisions for their mutual safety and permission. She then leans in. It has a buckled collar. A leash is employed. Orders. Praise. She understands that she wants to be submissive when he gives her a stunning pair of red high heels. “I appreciate the sneakers. Would you like for me to step on you?

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As the play sessions go on, they become more close. But Ji-woo is confused since it exists apart from a love connection. While Ji- hoo’s romantic present is still traumatized by a horrible breakup from his own history, her sentiments for him have drifted from his expectations of a submissive. Can these two wild kids find a balance and develop a bond that is mutually beneficial once they get over their problems and all of the society and corporate world hang-ups?

What Is Our View on Love and Leashes?

As Ji-Woo’s outspoken woo’s friend Hye Mi, the owner of dog cafe who is looking for her own elusive flavor of love, Lee El, who also starred in the Korean Netflix Original Blackis fantastic in Leashes.

When Love and Leashes broaden the dating pool in the contemporary world, it also rises. Hye Mi, a friend of Ji- Woo’s, is also looking for love, but her personal ads online only draw scum, to the point that she almost gets assaulted on a blind date. She subdues her assailant with the help of Ji-woo and Ji-hoo. You can’t treat me like garbage just because I’m perverted, I say. They also complain about how terrible BDSM is viewed in popular culture.

What Is the Final Verdict on Love and Leashes?

Stream it. While adhering to the rules of the genre, Love and Leashes deftly subverts the rom-com template to give it a touch of unpredictability to go along with its heartfelt message about love in the contemporary world.

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