What is the Potential Release Date of the Art of Crime Season 7?


Aditi Deshinge

The Art of Crime is a French drama show with a bit of mystery too. The series has been an amazing piece along with winning a Lucheon international film festival award. The Art of Crime had six wonderful seasons and currently it’s most anticipated season 7 is going to release hopefully. So keep scrolling down to know in detail about The Art of Crime season 7.

What is the Art of Crime’s Release Date?

Well, there has been total six seasons of this wonderful crime drama and it seems that another season of the same plotline and concept is bit hard even though fans are quite eagerly waiting for The Art of Crime season 7.

Moreover, when it comes to public demand, the makers like Angele Harry-Leclerc don’t listen to any excuses. So the studio has confirmed the renewal of The Art of Crime for season 7 soon. However, currently there are no any updates regarding the same.

We will surely update you with the same once it is confirmed or revealed by official sources. So stay tuned with us for more such information.

Where Can I Watch the Art of Crime?

The Art of Crime is a show which might hit everybody well in the upcoming era along with its basic storyline and enticing execution. However, the sad part is that series like this do not get much recognition because of lack of availability on top-tier streaming platforms.

Fortunately, this is not the case for The Art of Crime as you guys can enjoy this series on MHZ.

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Art of Crime Season 7 Trailer

Well, as of now there is no confirmation of Art of Crime Season 7 so it is too soon to expect the trailer for the same. But you can check the trailer of Art of Crime Season 6 in given below video.

What is the Cast of the Art of Crime?

Check out the list of The Art of Crime along with their characters below –

  • Nicolass Gob as Antoine Verlay
  • Eléonore Bernheim as Florence Chassagne
  • Benjamin Egner as Alexandre Pardo
  • Philippe Duclos as Pierre Chassagne
  • Farida Rahouadj as Psychologue Florence
  • Emmanuel Noblet as Hugo Prieur
  • Ambroise Sabbagh as Greg Blanqui
  • Dounia Coesens as Juliette Mariton
  • Salomé Partouche as Adèle Attias
  • Nicolas Wanczycki
  • Zuri François as Thomas Verlay
  • Gavril Dartevelle as Maxime Verlay
  • Nicolas Marié as Michel Toussaint
  • Delphine Braillon as Procureur Berger
  • Charlotte Adrien as Laurie Verlay
  • Bertrand Combe as Claude Monet
  • Stéphan Wojtowicz as Bertrand – Le majordome
  • Louis-Do de Lencquesaing as Charles Varane
  • Joséphine Draï as Emilie Bazin
  • Bertrand Nadler as Antoine Watteau
  • Alexia Barlier as Marie Seghers
  • Julien Boisselier as Jérôme Kalanski
  • Michel Lerousseau as Père Thomas
  • Fleur Geffrier as Amalia Rossi
  • Emmanuel Leconte as Théodore Géricault
  • Anto Mela as Mathieu
  • Guillaume Marquet as Frédéric Roussel
  • Rufus as Père Christophe
  • François Feroleto as Bruno Daubracq
  • Linda Bouhenni as Jade Laoud
  • Maud Forget as Sandra Chevais
  • Michaël Erpelding as Daniel Sanchez
  • Camille Aguilar as Karine Pailleux
  • Léna Breban as Laurence Roussel
  • Manon Elezaar as Laura Montet

Is the Art of Crime Season 7 Canceled of Renewed?

As of now, there has been total of 6 seasons to this superb crime drama show and renewal of another season and continuing of concept and story is seems quite difficult even though fans are quite eager for renewal of show for the seventh season.

Art of Crime Season 7

And when it comes to public demand makers like Angele Herry Leclerc don’t take any excuses. Therefore the studio has confirmed the renewal of the show for season 7 where the series currently getting its story in the process of making.

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What is the Plotline of the Art of Crime?

The plotline of The Art of Crime is an important reason behind the huge success of the series and this show is much more than just a series due an incredible performance of every actor. The series follows the plot of a policemen who decides to team up with an expert in The Art of Crime for checking criminal cases which are thrown at him.

What We Can Expect From the Art of Crime Season 7?

Well, the sixth season of the show had performed very well, therefore season 7 has huge expectations from the fans. Even though the studio has announced the confirmation of the next season of the show, the plotline is still in the process of writing. Hence we can’t expect storyline of the The Art of Crime season so soon.

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