What is the Big Change in “Better Than Us Season 2”?


David Mudd

There are so many questions attached to the series “Better than Us season 2”, I know many of these questions are: will Better than Us have season 2? Where can we see Season 2? Is there any big news related to the launch of season 2?

Hold on, let’s take a deep breath, and move on, because I know you have made your brain suffer a lot while thinking about the series, but don’t worry, we will answer all your query in this article.

If you have watched “Better Than Us Season 1” then I am sure you are also a fan of the movie “Terminator”.

Do you know what is similar in both of them?

Yes, you are right, similarity is the rise of technology to serve and protect humans.

I am a huge fan of the movie Terminator, and it’s all part. But When I saw the movie “Better Than Us” I fell in love with it too. The concept of the movie is wonderful, with a great human touch.

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Better Than Us season 2

Going Back to Better Than Us Season 1: Plot

When you watch season 1, you realize that it is different from the other movies. It is a Russian science fiction which is based on AI-Powered Robot. The movie makes an attempt to resolve the problem developed by China’s one-child policy, that is, the shortage of marriageable women in the country is being taken care of innovatively.

To save the country from this problem. An Engineer designs an advanced Robot named Arisa.

She is programmed in such a way that she is a wife to a man while being a mother to the adopted children. She is designed carefully to protect her family and herself also.

Isn’t it a perfect story going on till now?

I know it is, right?

But as the story moves forward, you will see how it takes turns. To see what turns it takes which changes the life of this robot and gets her stuck in the real harsh world, you should watch it if you haven’t.

But if you have already watched it, you know what I am talking about.

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Better Than Us season 2

Is There a Second Season of Better Than Us?

Now falling in love with the series after watching season 1, I am eagerly waiting for season 2.

Season 2 is coming with significant changes, one of them being that it will be filmed in Moscow and Beijing, instead of getting filmed in Russia as the Better Than us Season 1 was.

In the first season, Netflix Purchased the movie under the English subtitle, which made this the first Russian Series to be Netflix Origin, but for season 2, there is no talk around whether Netflix will have season 2 or not.

In the report by Variety, this big change is cleared by Alex Kessel, who is the Russia-based showrunner. It was explained that” there was no pre-planning to get the filming of season 2 in China, but as the story moves on in the first season where the AI-powered Robot was made by the Chinese engineer, Chinese creators want to take it further in their hand to make it an incredible creation.

Here is the Big news

Hold on to your seat tightly now!!!

What I am going to tell you now, you have to read it very carefully.

Do you know that you have already watched Better Than us season 2?

I know you must be thinking that I have gone mad, but no, I am not mad, this is true.

Russia released season one and season 2 of Better Than us, but Netflix merged both the season as one season, which you are able to watch on Netflix as a whole Season 1. So actually, you should be waiting for Better Than Us season3, but no, we are waiting for season 2 on Netflix.

But, talking about the next season, there is no official announcement on when can the viewers expect it to be released or whether it will be on Netflix or not.

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Wrapping Up

I know waiting for your favorite movie or series is one of the hardest things in the world. But as we have no other way out but to wait like a seed for season 2, we can still get our way out of boredom.

I have an idea for you, you can watch season 1 all over again to refresh the movie scenes in your mind before the next season comes out, or you can watch the other Robotic movies like Alita, Blade Runner because I am sure you will love it.