What is e-SIM? It’s Time You Switch from your Physical SIM to e-Sim!


Swarnali Datta

As technology is taking newer strides every day, all things in the world seem to have a transition to ‘e’. That is to say, e-commerce, e-shopping, e-card and so on. The lesser-known addition to this world is e-SIM, the digital version of your mobile number.

As the travel industry is reviving its lost vigour post-pandemic, globetrotters are switching from their prepaid or post-paid sim to e-SIM which is literally a boon for them. Want to know more about it? Read on!

What is e-SIM?

Using an e-sim, which is a SIM card embedded in a mobile device, you can connect to any operator providing e-SIM services. Moreover, the e-SIM functions similarly to a conventional SIM card without requiring a real SIM card to utilize it. The “e-SIM profile” of a new operator must be installed in order to activate it because it is already pre-installed in the device. In reality, it is a development of the traditional SIM card.

You can buy even at the last minute because the entire process, from purchase to use, will be done online. Alternatively, you can use Wi-Fi and get one when you get to your destination. Also, you can use it straight away after finishing your transaction. As a result, the time between purchase and usage can be significantly shortened. Additionally, if you purchase one in advance, you can begin using it as soon as the plane touches down.

An e-SIM card is a feature that is being added to more and more smartphones, tablets, and computers. For instance, Apple removed the SIM card tray from the iPhone 14 last year in order to make more room.

That indicates that Apple phones will eventually stop using the SIM card, which serves as a key to connect your phone with cellular networks. And it can be expected that Samsung and Google will soon follow up. Roger Enter, founder of the research firm Recon Analytics and a telecom expert said about e-SIM- “Whether we like it or not, it’s coming.”

So, how to switch from a physical SIM card to e-SIM?

#1 Choose an e-SIM

The primary reason to use e-SIM is to cut down the expenses while travelling. Compared to the big SIM brands, it would only cost a few bucks to purchase an e-SIM data plan that you can use throughout your entire vacation. However, selecting an e-SIM service provider might be challenging because there are many of them, and the majority of them include obscure names like Airalo, GigSky, and Flexiroam. So, it’s on you to choose wisely!

#2 Activate the service

One benefit of using an e-SIM is that you can purchase a plan, set up the service on your phone, and then activate it when you get to your location. The e-SIM service provider offers you a list of instructions once you purchase a plan. However, less tech-inclined folks are probably not going to know how to use e-SIM services. Nonetheless, it was agreed by the chief product officer of LotusFlare, Terry Guo that the main population of travelers using e-SIM service plans, composed of younger, tech-savvy people.

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#3 Protect your privacy at all costs!

Privacy-related issues with e-SIM services are another drawback. All of the e-SIM service providers admitted to tracking customers across various websites and apps. The chief executive of a company called Alekstra that helps businesses to reduce their wireless bills, Toni Toikka, emphasized upon safeguarding personal information from e-SIM providers.

He said many of these companies, known as mobile virtual network operators, had struggled to generate profit. According to him, “one way they think they’ll make money is selling your information…that’s why you should always opt out of any tracking. You shouldn’t sell yourself for pennies on a dollar.”


Wrapping it up

Over the years, the experience of using eSIM data plans for travel has greatly improved. In fact, e-SIM data plans for international roaming about five years ago were overpriced, and cell service was sometimes unreliable. However presently, certain e-SIM services are cost-effective and zippy.

As is always the case with new technology, there are certain cons. Activating a data plan on a foreign network with an eSIM is not as straightforward as sticking a different SIM card into your phone. But considering the greater weight of the pros, it makes absolute sense to switch to this new wonder.