What is Clean Energy Charging on an iPhone? How It Works?


Swarnali Datta

Apple, the tech behemoth, never fails to surprise us with its phenomenal features. With every new model, there’s as if a rebirth of the brand. So, when the issue of carbon emission is bothering the world at large, Apple was not behind; with iOS 16.1 and surely will continue doing so with the coming new versions, Apple has given its users an opportunity to decrease our carbon footprint by providing the Clean Energy Charging feature.

While this feature is exactly what our planet needs at this very moment, it isn’t really fruitful with respect to the phone’s battery power. As a result of this, many users are keen to disable the mode. However, before we explain how to enable or disable this feature on your iPhone, it’s crucial that you comprehend what Clean Energy Charging is and what it does.

What is Clean Energy Charging on an iPhone?

A new function in iOS 16.1 called “Clean Energy Charging” has been launched by Apple; nonetheless it is accessible now only in the US. By setting the iPhone to automatically charge at times when locally accessible low-carbon electricity is available, consumers can lessen their carbon footprint.

It is able to achieve this by obtaining carbon emission statistics from the user’s local load balancing authority. In order to ensure that the iPhone charges with clean energy, iOS collects this data and uses it to modify the charging procedure.

The feature has been described by Apple as follows:

“When Clean Energy Charging is enabled and you connect your iPhone to a charger, your iPhone gets a forecast of the carbon emissions in your local energy grid and uses it to charge your iPhone during times of cleaner energy production.”

When the iPhone’s Clean Energy Charging function is turned on, the phone learns from how users charge and recharges the battery whenever electricity with less carbon emissions is available. You can enable the functionality and then completely ignore it because it runs in the background.

It adds in its support site- “The feature doesn’t engage if your charging habits are variable or you’re in a new location, such as when you travel.”

Moreover, if the function does activate, you may rapidly override it by tapping Charge Now after touching and holding the corresponding message.

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Clean Energy Charging mode: how it works

Electricity consumption varies over a typical day, necessitating the need to often increase power from on-demand sources such as natural gas power plants. But if you have the data, you can predict all of this. Let’s use an example where you plug in your iPhone every night at 10 p.m. before bed.

Over time, Clean Energy Charging will figure out that it can wait a few hours until the gas peaker plants ramp down and the majority of your electricity comes from hydroelectric sources because of your prior usage patterns and the present charge. After that, your phone will start charging many hours later and keep charging until it is fully charged when you wake up.

Apple hasn’t specified how it obtains data on “lower carbon emission electricity,” but our best guess is that it collaborates with grid operators to obtain information on the variety of energy sources used to power the grid (for example, see the California ISO supply trend page). Alternatively, Apple may work with a third party source, such as Watttime, to track when the electricity you use is generated from greener sources.

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How to disable the Clean Energy Charging mode?

Simply turn the function off if you don’t want to wait for it to learn your charging patterns or if you like to always know that your iPhone is charging as rapidly as possible. On iPhones running iOS 16.1 or later, follow these instructions to turn off the Clean Energy Charging function.

Step 1: Launch Settings, then select Battery.

Step 2: Choose “Battery Health & Charging” from the menu.

Step 3: Ensure that the switch for “Clean Energy Charging” is turned off.

As easy as a pie, isn’t it!

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Summing it up

It’s true; features like these are really important but not always do they work in our holistic benefit. Nonetheless, if you follow this guide, you can easily enable or disable the mode as per your preference.

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