What is Chainsaw Man About? Should You Watch Chainsaw Man?


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What is Chainsaw Man about troubles new fans who are interested in picking up Tatsuki Fujimoto manga series. Due to the diverse opinions, particularly after the anime adaptation’s release, it is difficult for new readers or viewers to determine whether they should read or watch the series. The source of this confusion is largely attributed to the warnings that some fans give to others about the content of the series.

What To Expect  From Chainsaw Man?

Without a doubt, the manga artist Tatsuki Fujimoto’s most well-known creation is Chainsaw Man. From December 2018 to December 2020, Shonen Jump+ serialized the first part of it. The shooting of Part 2 then started in July 2022 and is still going now.


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Out of a total of 120 chapters published, the manga has so far been collected into 13 Tankobon volumes, each of which contains 108 chapters. After two years of development, Studio Mappa turned the series into an anime that ran from October to December of 2022.

Chainsaw Man Release Date

Chainsaw Man’s first episode was released on October 12, 2022, fresh episodes may air in the fall 2023 season. Studio MAPPA does not always follow an annual cycle like this, and according to rumors revealed by, a comeback in 2024 may be more possible. Hence, you can anticipate the release of Chainsaw Man season 2 in late 2023 or early 2024.

The Plot of Chainsaw Man

The main character in Chainsaw Man is Denji, a young boy who partners with the “Chainsaw Devil” Pochita as a Devil Hunter. Despite his attempts to repay the debts inherited from his parents, his life is dismal. One day, he is betrayed and killed, and in his last moments, he strikes a deal with Pochita. Through this agreement, he is resurrected as the “Chainsaw Man,” with ownership over the heart of the Devil.

Based on the two official and publicly accessible synopses, it can be inferred that the setting of Chainsaw Man is a universe inhabited by Devils. The central premise of the series is that in this realm, human anxieties manifest as Devils, which are gruesome, distorted, and terrifying beings with extraordinary abilities.

What is Chainsaw Man About

Although they can be eliminated from the world, they will revive in Hell. The existence of these Devils has led to the emergence of Devil Hunters, individuals who specialize in tracking down and killing these creatures

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The Public Safety Commission, an entity comprised of government-affiliated Devil Hunters, is at the forefront of the Devil hunting occupation. Some of these hunters have contracts with devils wherein they give the devil something priceless in exchange for the devil’s assistance.

The Commission also makes use of Fiends, which are corpses that have been taken over by Devils, and Hybrids, which are made when a Devil combines with a human through a contract or surgery.

Trigger Warning

Chainsaw Man is a manga series that heavily features bloodshed, violence, death, and gore. It also includes several explicit scenes, including those that are s*xually explicit. The series contains references and depictions of self-harm, although these are not presented in a psychological context. Most characters in the series exhibit a general disregard for personal safety, which may sometimes border on suicidal tendencies.

What is Chainsaw Man About

The series is thematically and psychologically intense, often unexpectedly so. Despite the action and fan service, the manga delivers some of the harshest realities with ease, which can sometimes be distressing for readers. Moreover, the series has a nonchalant attitude toward underage s*x and grooming, and some may interpret it as promoting misogyny

Should You Watch Chainsaw Man?

Although the series has some negative aspects that may turn off certain readers, it has received numerous awards and is currently the most popular series on MangaPlus for a reason. Despite its flashy Shonen exterior, Chainsaw Man is actually quite deep and philosophical at its core.

Unlike other manga artists who may delve into complex philosophical concepts, Fujimoto keeps it simple by posing a fundamental question to his audience: which dreams are worth pursuing? This question leads to further contemplation about how to determine the value of a dream and whether or not one dream can be deemed more or less important without understanding the dreamer’s background.

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Fujimoto cleverly contrasts his protagonist Denji’s seemingly basic desires for food and a girlfriend with his deuteragonist Aki’s lofty goal of eradicating Devils and seeking revenge. However, beneath Denji’s surface-level dreams and perceived lack of depth lies a history of being deprived of basic human rights, while Aki is consumed by grief and unable to appreciate the things he still has in his life.

With this philosophical premise as its foundation, Chainsaw Man explores political allegory, social satire, dramatic tension, and human empathy. The characters are depicted with vivid and often conflicting personalities against a backdrop of a world that is never entirely black or white. The series simply observes and presents without judgment or offering easy solutions.

Final Words

The story of Chainsaw Man follows the three main characters as they work as Devil Hunters, but their adventures are nothing short of terrifying, and the series never promises a happy ending for any of them. It’s unapologetically dark and straightforward, but it has made a significant impact on the animanga community.

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