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What is Amber Heard’s Net Worth? All You Need to Know About It So Far


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Amber Heard is an American actress and she is well known for her roles in movies like Never Back Down, The Rum Diary and Drive Angry. She also played a role in Aquaman and her character’s name is Mera in it. Amber Heard’s estimated Net worth is around $ 2.5 million according to Forbes.

Unfortunately, her name has been in the headlines because of the trial involving her and her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, which just came to a verdict. In this article, however, we will be talking about Amber Heard’s net worth in 2022.

amber heard's net worth

Amber Laura Heard was born on April 22, 1986, in Austin, Texas, to parents Patricia Paige and David Clinton Heard. Her mother was an internet researcher while her father owned a small construction company.

She also has a younger sister named Whitney and their family lived just outside of Austin, Texas.

Amber Heard was raised as a Catholic. However, after her best friend died in a car crash, she began identifying as an Atheist and she said she is no longer comfortable in the “conservative, God-fearin’ Texas.”

She later dropped out of Catholic high school and moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue an acting career.

How Much Did Amber Heard Earn From Aquaman?

Heard played the role of Mera in Aquaman and its sequel. Mera is a princess of Xebel and the love interest of lead character Arthur Curry aka Aquaman.

The first part of Aquaman was released in 2018 and earned a gross income of around $335.1 million in the United States. The movie earned a gross income of $1.148 billion across the globe.

The success of this movie made the highest grossing instalment for DC Extended Universe.

amber heard's net worth

During the trial for her defamation case with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, Heard confirmed that she was paid $1 million for Aquaman and $2 million for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, with bonuses based on the movies’ performances at the box office.

She also confirmed that her contract was for a three-movie deal, which also included Justice League. The numbers are still less than the $15 million salary of Jason Momoa, who played Arthur Curry a.k.a. Aquaman in the Aquaman movies,

What is Amber Heard’s Net Worth?

So now the question is how much is their net worth of Amber heard? According to the Celebrity Net worth Report her total net worth is around $8 million. Along with, what she has earned from Aquaman and other movies.

Her net worth is just a fraction of her ex-husband’s total net worth. Because the net worth of Johnny Depp is around $150 million. Amber Heard started dating him in 2012 and married him in 2015. Amber filed for divorce in 2016 against Johnny Depp.

In 2011, Amber starred opposite Nicolas Cage in the supernatural action thriller movie and its name is Drive Angry. But sadly, the film received bad reviews and was a commercial failure.

Heard then starred in NBC’s The Playboy Club, but due to poor reviews and ratings, the show was cancelled unfortunately after only three episodes.

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What is the Career History of Amber Heard?

In the comedy movie drama The Rum Diary, Amber Heard was then cast as the love interest of the main character, played by Johnny Depp. But again this was also not able to receive commercial success for Amber.

In the comedy-drama film Magic Mike XXL which was released in 2015, Amber had a prominent supporting role in which she played the love interest of the film’s lead Channing Tatum. Hopefully, the film was a large box office success, similar to its first film.

She then had a supporting role in the period drama The Danish Girl, and a starring role alongside James Franco and Ed Harris in the independent crime thriller The Adderall Diaries.

She was cast opposite Christopher Walken in the television film One More Time. To prepare for the role, she took singing lessons and learned to play the piano and guitar.

Amber Heard in Aquaman?

In 2017, Amber Heard join the ensemble cast of the indie comedy I Do… Until I Don’t. She also joined the DC Extended Universe when she was cast as Mera, princess of an Atlantean kingdom, in the superhero film Justice League.

She later reprised the role the following year in Aquaman, in which she co-starred opposite Jason Momoa, Nicole Kidman, and Willem Dafoe.

In 2021, Amber Heard reprised her role as Mera in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which is a director’s cut of the 2017 film, and she shot new scenes written by Zack Snyder for the epilogue of the film.

She will next appear as Mera in the Aquaman sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which is set for release in 2023. Check out the trailer of her upcoming movie Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom below

Aside from her work as an actress, she also appeared in an advertisement campaign for the fashion brand Guess in 2011. She was also appointed as the global ambassador for cosmetics giant L’Oreal Paris in 2017.

Personal Life

Her personal life is much more n light due to her defamation case against Johnny Depp. Amber Heard married Johnny Depp in February 2015. She met Depp in 2009 when they are making The Rum Diary and they started dating in 2011.

amber heard's net worth

Sadly, their relationship didn’t last long and she filed for a divorce in May 2016. She claimed that Depp verbally and physically assaulted her.

Then, their settlement was reached in August 2016 and the divorce got finalized in January 2017. As a settlement, Johnny Depp has paid $7 million to Amber Heard. This amount is pledged to donate to the ACLU and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Depp brought a libel lawsuit in June 2018 against News Group Newspapers (NGN). This company publishing the British tabloid The Sun after they labelled Johnny Depp as a wife beater in April 2018. The key witness for this trial was Amber Heard in July 2020.

Following the Depp vs. NGN case, a petition surfaced asking for Heard to be fired from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and the petition reached over two million supporters.

In August 2020, Heard countersued Depp, alleging that he coordinated a “harassment campaign via Twitter and online petitions to get her fired from Aquaman and L’Oreal. The trial for the Depp v. Heard case started on April 11, 2022, in Fairfax County, Virginia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Net Worth of Amber Heard?

According to Celebrity Net Worth report, Amber Heard’s Net worth is around $8 million. And unfortunately it is just a fraction of her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Who is Correct Amber Heard or Johnny Depp in Their Defamation Case?

After the six-week trial and 2 days of deliberation, the jury ruled in favour of Johnny Depp, stating that Depp was defamed by Heard in her op-ed and also that she had been defamed by one of his lawyers.

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Amber Heard is well known American actress and her net worth is much more impressive. Most of her finances are made from her movies with D.C which is Aquaman and its sequel. She came into limelight this year due to her divorce case with her ex-husband Johnny Depp.