Do You Know Status Of What/If Season 2 ?

Netflix is one a role with its crime thrillers and mystery shows. What/If is one such show which is quite successful with the viewers.

The first season is out, and people are curious about another season of What/If. Here is everything we know about What/If season 2.

What/If Season 2 Renewal Status

There is no official confirmation about season 2 yet. However, seeing the success of the first season, we can expect Netflix to renew the series soon. If it does restore, then there is a lot that you can expect from the second season.

It all depends on Netflix and how it decides what to renew. The streaming giant is secretive about the process and its viewership details. However, we can still hope for the best, seeing how the first season of What/If did attract quite a few headlines.


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What/If Season 2 Plot

We do not know what will happen in season 2, for sure. However, we do know that it will be a whole new story. Showrunner Mike Kelley confirms that his plan for future seasons tells a story where nothing from the first season actually happens. Therefore, his plans for a whole new kind of story make it difficult to guess the plot.

We know that Kelley wants the series to be an anthology that questions morality every step of the way.

Therefore, if season 2 does come about, we can expect more deep, heavyweight questions to come up or the characters. The show is all about deciding your fate and doubting or questioning your morals.

Therefore, we can also expect the show’s intensity to increase and put the characters and the viewers in deep thought about their own morals.


What/If Season 2 Cast

According to Kelley, he does not want to change much of the cast even if he will tell a new story. He plans to pull an American Horror Story and have the same characters play different parts next season.

Therefore, we can expect big faces like Renee Zellweger, Blake Jenner, Jane Levy, Juan Castano, and many others to come back.

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What/If Season 1 Trailer

Here’s the trailer of What if Season 1. If you haven’t watched the tv show yet, watch this trailer below & you big of a mistake that was –

Did you like it? Do let me know your thoughts on this via the comments section at the end of this post.

What/If Season 1 Review

You know some tv shows are like drugs., You know they are bad for you, but still, you can’t say no to them. Well, that’s the same case with the What If Netflix Series.

So, I gathered all the courage inside me & decided to watch it offline. Once I finished watching the series, my first reaction was ‘SHIT.’ So, just like me, if you’re planning to watch the series – I would like to warn you.

Once watched, you’ll feel like death has warmed up all over you. Now, coming back to the review of What If Netflix show features improbable plots, over the top  & nonsensical characters.

Throughout the 1st season, you’ll feel like the production is trying too hard for too many people. Further, that’s why I believe this to be a major flaw.
Now that I’m reviewing a Netflix tv series, How can I miss out on an opportunity to criticize the cast?

Jane Levy & Blake Jenner as the two primary characters. Their Romeo & Juliet types of roles weren’t good (At least for me).

On top of that, the rollercoaster scripting made it far worse. Imagine how bad it looks when the script swings wildly from one scene to another.

Out of all the major characters, the character played by Renée Zellweger was the major save for me. What do you think? Do let me know your view in the comments section given at the end of this post.

Her devious schemes & cold detachment made me want to pull her eyes out. Honestly speaking, that was the main role of the character & I believe she did complete justice with it. And that too with mediocre scriptwriting.

Apart from her, the rest of the cast members such as Keith Powers, Samantha Marie Ware, Daniella Pineda & Juan Castano are some of the honorable characters who made the rest of the What If season bearable for me.

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Final Thoughts

As we mentioned earlier, there is no confirmation about the show’s future yet. However, if the show does return, it will be only in late 2020.

Since Netflix has always been a little secretive when it comes to giving official confirmation about new shows. As well as renewing old shows. Therefore it is difficult to predict whether Netflix is actually planning to renew this show.

Don’t get disappointed even if it does not announce anything on What If Season 2. There is plenty of world popular anime series & movies available on Netflix. You can watch them instead of waiting for the second season.

Btw, whenever I’ve updated on the What If season 2, I’ll update you right away in this blog post. So, stay tuned with us.

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