Spoilers Alert! What Happens To Sid In Hollyoaks-Explained!



Sid Sumner, portrayed by Billy Price, is coming to terms with the idea that his life will never be the same again after being involved in an accident that caused him to sustain injuries that will alter the course of his life.

These injuries will alter the path that he will take throughout the rest of his life.

What Is The Twist All About

It arises as a result of several months of danger, illegal activity, and psychological manipulation, during which time Sid and Juliet (Niamh Blackshaw) sold narcotics to students in the hamlet and recruited children to do the same thing.

The situation reached its climax when he went to the authorities and reported his cousin Jordan (Connor Calland), who had been organising the drug trade, to the law enforcement personnel.

what happens to sid in hollyoaks

In the midst of all of that tension, the character was left heartbroken after knowing that Juliet had slept with Ollie Morgan (Gabriell Clark), which triggered a chain of events that led to his accident.

The character was left heartbroken after learning that Juliet had slept with Ollie Morgan. Ollie Morgan was performed by Gabriell Clark in this production.

What Happened After He Appeared On The Show Hollyoaks

Viewers of Hollyoaks saw in the episodes that aired the previous week that Sid tragically lost a leg after being run over by Peri Lomax (Ruby O’Donnell), who portrayed the character on the programme.

The accident occurred when Peri Lomax was accidentally driven over by Sid.

what happens to sid in hollyoaks

After finding out what Juliet had done and Jordan disowning him, the young man felt he had no one to turn to for help. As a result, he went to drugs to dull his feelings rather than confronting his issues hard on.

Sid had taken ketamine, which resulted in him passing out while he was in a passageway.

What Did He Say In His Video

He made a video of himself when he was there in which he bemoaned the fact that he did not have someone with whom he could engage in conversation.

In the meantime, Peri had finally gathered up the courage to tell Juliet that she liked her, but the news that she had slept with Ollie left her feeling devasted and unable to recover from her disappointment.

She was so upset that she made the decision to go for a drive in order to get some fresh air and collect her thoughts.

Sid was made unable to feel anything as the medicines began to take effect, and this caused him to become apprehensive when he observed that Peri’s vehicle was approaching.

what happens to sid in hollyoaks

However, he was unable to move in time to escape getting ran over by the vehicle, which led to terrible events as a direct consequence of this situation.

Because of the damage, we are going to have to keep a close eye on him so that we can determine what sort of impact it has on his life.

What Did Billy Price Have To Say

Billy Price said the following about Sid in an interview that was conducted with before to the future plot development: “Sid constantly seems to find himself into the worst situations, and he just can’t catch a break.”

“However, as we have seen over the course of the past few months, Sid will always stand up for the people that he cares about, despite the knowledge that this time, his actions will have consequences, which will change his life forever.”