What Happened to Sienna Mae? Sienna Mae Gomez Returns to Social Media Following Jack Wright Assault!


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Sienna Mae is back on social media, and netizens are troubled about it. Mae had been accused of sexual assault by partner Jack Wright, and after weighty criticism, she left social media.”I trust they drop me.”The objective behind the video seems to be to ridicule drop culture and haters on the internet.

“Drop Me.”

Gomez, who is 18, confronted widespread backlash after a companion of Wright’s posted a since-erased statement to social media in May 2021 charging that Gomez had sexually assaulted Wright. Gomez denied the allegations at the time in a since-erased YouTube video and a statement to Insider.

Wright expressly addressed the allegations without precedent for January 2022, posting a YouTube video describing four unique interactions in which he said Gomez touched him without his consent.

Gomez responded at the time in an extended blog entry and a statement to Insider by means of a representative. She “passionately denied” Wright’s accusations and accused him of slut-shaming, saying she had been infatuated with him however that her actions had been taken inappropriately, and said she had been harassed online as a result of his accusations.

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She also showed up on the “BFFs” podcast with Dave Portnoy alongside a legal counselor and forensic master to dispute Wright’s allegations.

Since January, Gomez had not posted on TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram. On May 28, she transferred another video on each of the three platforms — a profoundly created cut set to the 2020 song “Drop Me” by singer and “Elation” actor Dominic Fike, who as of late sparked controversy for saying he fantasized about Golden Heard thumping him.

(Heard has been accused of abuse by her ex Johnny Depp, whom she has also accused of physical and sexual brutality, in a continuous criticism preliminary.)

Gomez’s clasp is in a similar visual style to Fike’s official video for the song — recorded on an ocean side, with a rare esthetic. It’s captioned “she lives” and opens with the text, “This video is brought to you by drop culture.”

Across TikTok and YouTube It Has Been Viewed Over 4.8 Million Times.

Wearing a swimsuit and a Shirt saying “FLOP Time,” Gomez smiles, dances, and lip-syncs to the lyrics, “I want to believe that they drop me. Why? So I can go accompany my family.”

The clasp lasts 56 seconds, and does exclude some of the more controversial lyrics of the first song: “After tour, I parted ways with my girlfriend. Why? To screw a lot of bitches,” and, “I truly want to believe that I get Me Too’d.”

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Comments across social media have been blended, for certain individuals naming her “valiant” for getting back to the internet, and others questioning her decision.

She has drawn the most criticism on Twitter and YouTube, where one remark with north of 250 likes suggests Gomez is attempting to “romanticize” the situation, and one more with 130 likes said Gomez appears to propose she was canceled over “some seemingly insignificant detail.”

On TikTok and Instagram notwithstanding, followers seemed to show more support for her than they have in the past.

Some individuals also saw Gomez’s Instagram bio links to a separate record under the handle @siennaswim. The record has not posted at this point, and just follows one person — Gomez’s official Instagram. The bio reads “JUNE2022” and it is named a “Swimwear Store,” driving some followers to speculate she will send off her own swimwear line.

The blended response echoes earlier controversy surrounding Gomez’s response to the underlying accusations. Following her forswearing videos, she took a month off social media prior to returning in July 2021 with a since-erased video in which she played out an arranged dance to Sam Smith‘s “Young.”

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Sienna Mae Returns to Social Media

On May 28, Sienna Mae made a surprise return to social media, when she transferred a video to both her Instagram and TikTok accounts, with the inscription “she lives.”

The inserted text toward the start of the video reads “this video is brought to you by drop culture,” after which Gomez should be visible lip-syncing to Dominic Fike’s song ‘Drop Me,‘ with the lyrics: “I genuinely want to believe that they drop me. Why? So I can go accompany my loved ones. So I can stop wearin’ this mask, canine. Tell individuals, “Kiss my ass, canine.”

Nonetheless, many have scrutinized the powerhouse for her video, and for getting back to social media. Albeit the comments on her posts seem, by all accounts, to be restricted in some cases, commenters have shared their opinions under different videos about her return.

“There’s a distinction between ‘dropping‘ someone and not supporting a strict crook,” one remark with north of 16,000 likes read on a video by Ruler Asante. “For what reason is she kidding about her being canceled about something serious?” said another.

Sienna Mae Responded to Jack’s Video With a ‘Medium’ Post.

On Jan. 23, 2022, Sienna published a response to Jack’s video on Medium named “Sienna Mae Gomez: Reflections from a 18-Year-Old Me.”

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In it, she talks about how turning 18 hasn’t been anything like she expected because of the allegations, how she and Jack met, and their relationship, and she continues to reject that she assaulted him in any capacity. “I’ve never been so scared in my life,” she wrote in the article.

In the post, she said that she was cut from the Publicity House Netflix show because her group was worried for her emotional well-being, however that a ton of her storyline on the show would be spun around characterizing the relationship she had with Jack.

Fans always contemplated whether they were dating, and Sienna says that while Jack liked it to search as such for the camera, he basically overlooked her some other time.

“We would talk in a tranquil spot and say we were just friends and afterward the following day be making out with one another for the cameras,” Sienna composed. “I didn’t have the foggiest idea what was being set up by producers and in the event that it was real or phony.”

She says that all of this confused her and despite the fact that she needed to be his girlfriend, he would tell her “not yet.” She claims she needed to make a video with him clearly saying they were just friends for their fans, yet Jack would have rather not placed brand partnerships in danger.

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