What Happened to Raz-B? Omarion Uncovers J-Boog Provoked Raz-B!


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“Drink Winners” prodded an impending episode featuring B2K’s Lil Bubble, J-Boog, and Raz-B. The previous bandmates are spilling all the tea on the ex-lead artist, Omarion, including what prompted their unique breakup and their ongoing relationship status.

But the “Post To Be” vocalist shared a preview of his forthcoming narrative in front of the gathering’s plunk down with N.O.R.E.

Omarion wrote a subtitle that recommended Boog was irritating Raz about his emotional wellness battles during “The New Thousand years Tour” in 2019.

He stated, “Emotional well-being is not an objective, but rather an interaction. It’s about how you drive, not where you going. Just because no other person can recuperate or take care of your responsibilities for you, doesn’t mean you can, ought to or have to do it single-handedly.

In my new book ‘Unbothered: The Force of Opting for Bliss,’ I share a few individual tools that have assisted me with remaining balanced in testing minutes. It’s astonishing the way that certain individuals find it so natural to twist and turn a story to reveal a negative insight into others just to play casualty.

Reality generally turns out eventually. Regardless of how diligently anybody attempts to conceal it. Lies are just an impermanent postponement to the inevitable. Wishing every individual who battles intellectually or genuinely strength and backing.”

Over time, Raz accused his previous chief, Chris Stokes, of physically abusing him when he was a minor. He took steps to stop the 2019 get-together tour for his “security” because Stokes was available.

Stokes has consistently denied the cases. At that point, he tweeted, “I never hurt any of B2K and Consistently had their best advantage on the most fundamental level, including monetarily. I pardon any regrettable energy or tweets.”

What Happened To Raz-B

Last month, Raz shared a spooky Instagram post and said he’s ready to share his story. He investigated the camera and said, “The more established you get you take a gander at somebody and you say, ‘For what reason did you do that to me?'” before strolling behind the scenes to the sound of something breaking.

Raz B Is Ready To Recount His Story!

For a really long time B2K member Raz B has been extremely vocal about the supposed sexual abuse he persevered as a member of the famous gathering. For quite a long time the vocalist has accused previous B2K director Chris Stokes of physically abusing him while he was underage.

He likewise made an establishment called ‘You Are the Light’ to bring attention to the sexual abuse of African American guys and is using his establishment to help different survivors of Chris Stokes.

As of late, in a frightful Instagram post, Raz prods a clasp that he is ready to recount his story. In the video presented for his own, Raz B investigates the camera and says, “The more established you get you take a gander at somebody and you say, ‘For what reason did you do that to me?’,” before strolling behind the scenes to the sound of something breaking.

The inscription on the post reads, “Get ur popcorn.”

What Happened to Raz B?

As per Showbiz CheatSheet Raz-B, a member of B2K, has as of late made news again for his claims against Chris Stokes and Marques Houston. He guarantees that both physically attacked him as a youngster and approaches them to submit to a falsehood detector test.

What Happened To Raz-B

Raz-B accused Stokes and Houston of bullying him via online entertainment toward the beginning of January. Raz-B is getting support from the overall population because of the cases reemerging.

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He later set it clear expectations of those he accuses of rape.

Raz-B’s Accusations Return Many Years!

Back in 2007, Raz-B released a YouTube video itemizing claimed sexual abuse committed against him and his more seasoned brother by vocalist Marques Houston and previous B2K supervisor Chris Stokes.

Stokes, who is Raz-B’s cousin, denied the accusations and at that point, band mate Omarion safeguarded Stokes.

MTV Revealed That Stokes Issued the Accompanying Proclamation!

“Every one of the charges they made are bogus. I’m not gay. Furthermore, I’m married. Furthermore, I have four children. I been with my better half for a considerable length of time. Furthermore, I’m not a child molester. So those are misleading charges. I will sue them. Furthermore, I owe that to my better half and children, period. It’s ridiculous.”

Raz-B withdrew his words days after the fact, but in 2010, evened out similar accusations. In that case, he recorded a discussion with one more claimed casualty, Quindon Tarver, where the two of them shared realistic subtleties of their encounters. In spite of the fact that Tarver previously talked about Stokes in a 2008 interview with Vibe, he didn’t agree to sharing that recording on the web.

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Stokes has consistently denied the accusations and expressed that Raz B and his brother were disturbed he decided to stop monetarily supporting them. Houston has denied the claims too.

Raz-B’s new endeavors to publicize his story constrained Stokes to stand up on Instagram. A few fans bombarded him with requests to address the charges. He again denied it.

What Happened To Raz-B

Raz-B Converses With Moniece Butcher About His Cause!

In the wake of dropping a video on Instagram showing that individuals are endeavoring to quietness him by means of orders to shut everything down, Raz-B issued a test to Houston and Stokes.

He needs everybody — including himself — to take a polygraph test. Fans and different celebrities ringed in, including Omarion’s brother O’Ryan, encouraging Houston and Stokes to make it happen.

Despite the fact that Raz-B did an interview with Hollywood Opened’s Jason Lee, Fox Soul selected not to air it. Following that, he jumped on Instagram Live with Moniece Butcher, somebody who’s been in the entertainment industry and knows about a significant number of the gatherings in question.

To show our appreciation for the wonderful gifts we’ve received from adixion_brand We took it a step further… ladies & gentlemen the gear is simply dope. See for ya self,,, Shout…

— Raz B 🏹 (@razb2k) October 9, 2018

Raz-B addressed Butcher about Stokes and Houston and is keeping up with his account. At the point when Butcher requested him what structure from justice he needs from those he accused, he named a couple of things. One is a fist battle. “F*ck the courts. F*ck the roads, I need a blur,” he said.

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“Ideally, I would love a statement of regret — publicly,” said Raz-B. He added he doesn’t expect that to happen but he’s not surrendering. “I will spend each dollar that I have to ensure that I get the justice that I believe I merit,” he proclaimed.

What Happened To Raz-B


American vocalist and actor De’Mario Monte Thornton, better realized by his stage name Raz-B, was an establishing member of the R&B boy band B2K. As a young individual, Raz B helped to establish and partook in the gathering B2K.

B2K published their album, Mayhem!, and took part in a going with tour while he was a member of the gathering. You Got Served, the gathering’s most memorable full-length film, was released in 2004, just before they announced their breakup.

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