What Happened to Rapunzel Supermodel? The Dim Underside of the New Russia and Its ‘Lost Young Ladies’!


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It’s been a very long time since Ruslana Korshunova died, however not every person knows the cause. Individuals actually can’t stop themselves from getting fixated on the vibes of the late Russian Rapunzel. Prior to diving into her demise subtleties, how about we momentarily discuss her conspicuousness.

Ruslana Korshunova was an incredible model who made it effectively to various design magazines, including Vogue. That, yet she likewise worked with many style architects, like Nina Ricci and Vera Wang. What about brands? Ruslana additionally worked together with Pantene, Max Studio, Moschino, and some more.

With the actual name, you must realize how long hair was. To be more exact, it was her knee-length chestnut hair because of which she turned out to be so conspicuous in the early days of her work.

It was in 2008 when the Rapunzel supermodel, Ruslana, kicked the bucket. In view of her date of birth, she was just 20 years of age around then. At the point when the news emerged, it left every one of her fans in shock. Her unexpected passing in the end turned into a disputable topic, doing adjusts on the internet.

It turned out to be more conspicuous as not a great reason was given back at that point. Was it a mishap or a sickness? Assuming you are searching for what happened to Ruslana Korshunova, this is what we know.

Rapunzel Supermodel’s Demise Cause Uncovered: What Happened?

Sadly, Ruslana Korshunova, otherwise known as Russian Rapunzel, kicked the bucket on 28 June 2008. The purpose for her unexpected passing was tumbling from the 10th floor gallery of her loft. Discussing the area, it was at 130 Water Road in the Monetary Locale of Manhattan.

What Happened To Rapunzel Supermodel?

At the point when the police explored her demise case, they revealed that there was no indication of treachery or assault at her home that day. Following this, Ruslana’s demise was refered to as a self destruction case.

Presently, the inquiry is-the reason could she end it all? Could it be said that she was managing something terrible? All things considered, No! One of her companions shared that Ruslana just returned from Paris after a shot and appeared to be especially blissful and bright. This further started questions and debates on the web.

Nonetheless, there were a few sensible clues that something was off-base. What? The Rapunzel model appeared to be devastated now and again, as implied through her online entertainment posts. One was, “I’m so lost. Will I at any point track down myself?” We can’t help thinking about what turned out badly in her life.

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In the event that you are contemplating whether it was in any capacity connected with her love undertaking, then, at that point, your supposition that is off-base. Because, just then, she and her boyfriend watched a film together. As such, both her career and love life appeared to be decent during the last days of her life.

The fact that Ruslana ended it all makes a couple of fans as yet not persuaded. No proof backings that case.

As Ruslana tumbled from the high structure, her neck and arms were broken, as detailed by one of her neighbors. The most abnormal part was she didn’t hold the title of Rapunzel during the most recent couple of days before her passing. That neighbor shared that her hair was adequately short, and the closures were lopsided too.

Since she was young, delightful, and effective, some began spreading revolting bits of hearsay, expressing that she was dependent on drugs. That, however some likewise wound up reprimanding her personality.

As indicated by the clinical inspector’s office, the cause of death was “**blunt influence injuries**”.

Indeed, even the **supermodel’s **boyfriend had no suspicion why Ruslana chose to take her own life in that frantic unclogger from her **Manhattan **apartment.

In the mean time, in an interview with the NYDailynews, a dear companion said that when Ruslana broke onto the worldwide demonstrating scene in 2005, she couldn’t stand her chaotic life.

“**I’m so lost, will I at any point find myself**?” were the words that she wrote in March on her page on a Russian ****social networking site.

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It’s lamentable that a shocker like her would have to capitulate to what appeared to be an episode of despondency **-however for a young **Kazakhstani model to out of nowhere end up being tossed in the **limelight **in an unfamiliar land – everything might have demonstrated to be too a lot.

The Real Life Harrowing Tale of “Rapunzel” Model!

Albeit the story of Russian model Ruslana Korshunova isn’t notable, her advert for Nina Ricci’s unmistakable fragrance positively is. The 20-year-old model’s life reached a sad conclusion in 2008 when she bounced from a Manhattan condo.

What Happened To Rapunzel Supermodel?

The model, who was known for her young lady nearby looks and remarkable hair, was found to have weak locks. No great reason was given for the weak locks, however it was uncovered that Korshunova was an individual from the faction called “Rose of the World”.

Rose of the World had its individuals recount to different individuals their most frightening stories, which went from illicit drug use to assault. Koeshunova talked about her bombed sentiment and the passing of her dad. She was also termed as the real life rapunzel because of her beautiful yet unbelievable long hairs!

In spite of the fact that Korshunova felt that the lessons were a triumph, it truth be told made the contrary difference. Those near Korshunova told of she would break out angrily and start to swear without precedent for her life.

Many individuals additionally feel that the lessons caused Korshunova to loathe her hair and start to pull at it, similarly Rapunzels hair was hated in the story, as well as being consistently pulled on.

The lessons were likewise remembered to be the explanation concerning why the model chose to make that appalling stride and end her own life.

Rapunzel Supermodel Was One of the Individuals From the Rose of the World Faction!

On the off chance that you don’t have any idea, a Russian gathering is accused of controlling the personalities of individuals. Moreover, it likewise mentally hurts its lovers. Indeed, she was a survivor of the equivalent. After Ruslana’s demise, the proprietor of the faction shared that it was disbanded.

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However, in reality, the tasks were all the while progressing. Concerning the Rapunzel supermodel’s sudden passing, her mom explained that she committed no self destruction and was accounted for to be pursued by the religion for cash.


The young model was showered with huge seven figure contracts. She was working with Christian Dior, Kenzo, and Moshino. By 2008 Korshunova took part in promoting efforts of DKNY, Christian Dior and Nina Ricci; she showed up on the fronts of French Elle and Russian Vogue.

Last July the Russian Cinderella story reached a horrendous conclusion. The fantasies of this young magnificence finished on the asphalt of a focal road in New York.

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