What Happened To Lizzy Musi? She Got “Numb” While Receiving The News!


Riya Arya

Lizzy Musi was born on January 1, 1991, in Carteret, New Jersey, United States of America. Lizzy Musi is a drag racer. She has interest in motorsports since her early age. Suddenly, her health has become matter of concern. What Happened to Lizzy Musi? Let’s discover.

What Happened To Lizzy Musi?

Lizzy Musi has become topic of the town but do you know what is the reason behind it? A video of her was shared by her via her YouTube channel, she informed that she has been diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. She was accompanied by her fiancé, Kye Kelley. Lizzy Musi described the breast cancer in detail and said she has been diagnosed with as one of the most rapid types.

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She got numb while receiving the news and was getting support from her parents while the news broke. On April 17th, she got to know that her cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and liver. Her first round of chemotherapy was on April 21st. She has plans to undergo treatment in Mississippi, she has also been approved for treatment at MD Anderson.

How Did She Discover About The Breast Cancer?

Musi found a marble-sized lump in her breast after undergoing breast augmentation surgery about two years ago. The lump had grown over the course of six months. That is when she realized it was no normal thing to avoid.

When she returned from a five-week trip to Australia, the lump in Lizzy’s breast had grown to almost 3 cm. She went to the doctor and undergoing testing and a biopsy, it turned out that she has an aggressive form of cancer that has spread to her lymph nodes and liver.

Lizzy was asked by her OBGYN whether she had a history of breast cancer in her family. She shared that she has a family history. Lizzy has always been very fascinated by the idea of having children, but now she needs to pay attention to her cancer treatment. Unfortunately, she did not have enough time to freeze her eggs before starting chemotherapy.

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What Happened To Lizzy Musi?

She has been getting love and support of everyone including her family, fiancee and fans. She is grateful for the support and prayers. She said she will fight against it for sure.

Have A Quick Look To Her Life Journey

Lizzy Musi was born to Pat and Elizabeth Musi. She is named after her mother and her sister is named after their father. Lizzy attended Carter High School in New Jersey. After graduation, she got involved into her father’s business.

Lizzy Musi began her career in her father’s auto shop, where she learned about automobile maintenance. She competed in her first competitive drag race when she was only 16. She won the Rookie of the Year award in the year 2014 and became the first woman to win the Professional Drag Racers Association (PDRA) that same year.

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Lizzy set a new national record of 3.79 seconds at 200.48 MPH in a national Pro Nitrous race. She has appeared on “Adrenaline” in 2015, “Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings” in 2018, and now stars in “Street Outlaws: Gone Girl” since 2021.


Lizzy Musi is a drag racer and a businesswoman who has earned her name successfully. Unfortunately, she is diagnosed with breast cancer, fourth stage. She said she got numb as soon as the news came out. Everything is praying for her and we wish her speedy recuperation.

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