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What Happened To Brandi Boyd Son? A Tragic Death That Broke Million Hearts

This Is When The Baby Passed Away!

Actor Brandi Boyd, best known for her role in the television series Love and Hip Hop, shared the heart breaking news on Instagram. She posted a video of her infant and declared that the baby is no more. He passed away last month. He has been quite weak ever since he was born prematurely in November 2022, underwent multiple surgeries.

In this article, we have gathered all the information about this unfortunate incident. Keep reading to know what has happened to the baby boy of Brandi and Max?

Little Lux Has Passed Away

The former TV personality, brandi boyd and her husband Max Lux shook the world with the news of their son passed away in March.

Unfortunately Brandi Boyd lost her youngest son. She was appeared sobbing in a video shared by her on Instagram “I love him so much. I wish he was still here, I’m going through it. I’m trying to get the strength to bury my son.”, wrote caption.

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”Pray for Brandi and my Family….we lost our baby yesterday and are facing the hardest trial I never knew existed,” said Lux. “Please be mindful of your comments to my brandi tbh I wouldn’t of even posted about this but rather you get information from me then anyone else….Lil Lux passed we and the emergency response did our best to recessitate him to no prevail and this is a tragedy. There is no foul play and everyone is hurt especially myself …I mean dam my last post my close friend passed and now this…..if u was ever gonna go to bat for us now is the time fam……sincerely the now broken hearted.”

What Happened To Brandi Boyd Son?

What Happened To Brandi Boyd Son?

In March, Baby Lux passed away and the news broke million hearts. He was born in November 2022. He was their third child. He was born with health complications, needed surgery. 2018, boyd shared that she had to go through miscarriage. On baby Lux's death, Brandy posted through Instagram post and wrote, ”We need you. We Love you,” and “Send us a sign. Visit your brother and sisters in there sleep. Let us know your warm in heaven.”

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“I can’t believe I am typing these words. Pray For my Family #BabyLux send me the strength to carry on I have to be strong for your siblings ”, She added.

What Is The Reason Behind Baby Lux Death?

Max didn’t reveal the reason behind his baby's passing. The baby was having health issues since birth. “Lil Lux passed. We and the emergency response did our best to resuscitate him to no prevail and this is a tragedy. There is no foul play and everyone is hurt, especially myself. I mean damn my last post my close friend passed and now this…if u was ever gonna go to bat for us now is the time fam,” Max wrote.

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It’s unknown if Baby Lux was having any medical procedure before he passed away.


Shocking and unfortunate death of brandi boyd's son is a big tragedy that could ever happened to parents, Brandi and Max. They shared this bad news in March and many fans and people from industry consoled them.

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