What are the Supplies You Need to Provide for Your Pet Dog


Mohit Kamboj

Owning a new dog entails a lot of responsibility. It can become overwhelming if you are a pet dog owner for the first time. Your aim is to make the puppy become at home easily and make them comfortable. Here is a checklist of dog supplies you should have for your pet canine.

List of Supplies for Your New Pet Dog

Shopping for supplies for your new dog can be difficult at first. You want to look for an item that can help it become comfortable with you as its new owner. Nothing beats preparation in achieving your goal of making their adjustment to their new environment a breeze. These are the pet supplies you need to buy for your new dog.

1. Dog Food

If you are adopting the canine from a friend, ask what kind or brand of food the dog has been eating before you adopted it. Make sure that you buy age-appropriate food. For example, if you are getting a newborn pup, make sure that you buy puppy food. Find out if your new pet has a food allergy because it will require a different diet.

2. Leash, Collar, and Poop Bags

These are essential items if you plan to take your new dog out for a walk. This is important because some states have laws about dogs popping in public. You don’t want to get penalized for being an irresponsible dog owner. A leash and collar restrain the dog from biting other humans or fellow canines.

3. Dog Bed

When you go to the shop to buy dog supplies, a dog bed should be one of the items on your checklist. Giving them a space where they can relax and sleep comfortably should be one of your priorities. The size of the dog bed will also depend on its age.

4. Grooming Supplies

Grooming supplies are important in keeping your pet dog’s fur shiny and tangle-free. Regular brushing helps remove dead hair and protects your household from fur and dander. There are different kinds of brushes that you can buy online or from a pet store.

5. Identification Tags/Microchips

Getting your pet dog properly identified is a must. An identification tag or microchip can help authorities return your dog to you easily if they wander off and get lost. Records from the American Humane show that almost 10 million pets get lost every year. So, always keep your pet dog’s tag updated.

6. Food and Water Bowls

Look for a food and water bowl that is easy to clean. It should be heavy enough to avoid tipping over. In addition, the food and water bowl should be made of a material that won’t attract toxins. You can find various food and water bowls ranging from elevated to filtered.

7. First Aid Kit

If your pet dog is on supplements and requires some medication, make sure you have first aid supplies. So, if you are planning to give over-the-counter supplements, consult your veterinarian first to ensure that there will be no side effects or interactions.


Dogs can be your protector and companion. As a new dog owner, your canine friend needs some love and affection from you. But they also need some essential items to live a comfortable life with you.