What Are the Alternatives for Watching NHL Network Without Cable?



In this realm world of sports on the ever-evolving landscape of Hockey, every sports enthusiast wants to know about watching the NHL Network without cable also by seeking flexibility in their viewing experience. In this digitalized era, traditional cable no longer provides such an experience of watching because there are many innovative methods as well as streaming solutions available to take into consideration.

As the world of entertainment evolves, through this exploration, I have delved into navigating the landscape of cord-cutting options, unveiling a realm of possibilities for those eager to witness the intensity of NHL action without the shackles of cable subscriptions. Let’s take a deep dive into this post.

How to Watch NHL Network Without Cable?

For the last few years, the masses have been used to watching NHL Network live streaming on Hulu with Live TV platform because this platform provides you with flexible two screens simultaneously. Not only this but also, but it also provides you with unlimited DVR recordings. So, in case you miss watching any scene or your schedule is hectic then you can easily see the recording in your free time.

There is some twist, as you all are aware about the fact that Hulu is a paid platform then it will cost you some amount of money which is $7.99/month. Do not worry, you can have access to watch many other entertainment things as well including The Kardashians Season 5 and Tell Me Lies Season 2.

NHL Network Without Cable

Is It Feasible to Watch NHL on Max?

since the parent company, Warner Bros, Max has become a new streaming platform for sports matches streaming. Max platform has integrated many channels to provide only one streaming sports platform for all the ongoing matches. you can stream up to 60 NHL regular-season games for $9.99/month with ads. Or upgrade to ad-free for $15.99/month.

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On the other hand, The Ultimate Ad Free plan is $19.99/month. This platform lets you download up to 100 downloads in 4K Ultra HD quality and an immersive audio experience. You can access the benefit of using it on up to 4 devices screen simultaneously. That’s the benefit of taking a subscription plan so buy it today and watch your upcoming NHL Network.

Is It Possible to Watch the NHL on ESPN+?

You can get all your NHL content for $14.99/month by adding ESPN+ to Hulu and Disney+. If you just want ESPN+, it’s $10.99/month for up to 1,000 out-of-market games. ESPN+ also has exclusive shows, including NHL documentaries like “The Quest for the Stanley Cup” and “PK’s Place.” Do not miss out on reading about the latest update of Chained Soldier Season 2 Release Date! Is It Returning For a Second Season? Check Out Now!

NHL Network Without Cable

Can the NHL Network Be Watched on Direct TV Stream?

Direct TV is the most flexible platform that provides you with streaming services to watch the NHL Network. One of the most captivating things about its subscription plans is you can customize them according to your fit. This platform has covered almost all the sports matches including AHL or NCAA hockey action and so on.

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However, with just one click you can connect your NHL Center Ice subscription to Direct TV. It should be taken into consideration that Direct TV has numerous add-ons to its bundle. Its price of subscription plans is from $64.99/month for its basic plan to $154.99/month for its premiere tier for its clients.


In conclusion, to summarize all the detailed explained perspectives so far, the quest for watching the NHL Network without cable unveils a myriad of alternatives, offering flexibility to sports enthusiasts. Many platforms provide streaming services to watch NHL Network.

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