What Are Some of the Myths Surrounding Web Hosting?


David Mudd

Web hosting is essentially the mechanism through which your website becomes accessible on the Internet. Without a web host, you cannot host your website. Thus, it is one of the most important things that website owners should consider while purchasing services from a web host.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of talk going around in the market about web hosting, and most of it is inaccurate. There are many myths surrounding the subject of web hosting. Following are some of them listed.

It Is Only for Linux Experts

A lot of individuals are still under the misconception that web hosting is only for Linux experts. This is not true. This was only the case a few years ago. Technology has changed a lot since then. There are many options to choose from. VPS purchasers have greater options. You can know more about web hosting and how it can be beneficial for small businesses on

All Web Hosting Providers Are the Same

This is one of the biggest myths that you will come across in the market. It is not true that all web hosting providers are the same. Each provider is different. Although the providers deal with the same products and services, these are delivered in different ways. Businesses need to understand how these products and services are delivered. Moreover, the features provided by the web hosting companies are not the same. One company may provide better security and greater storage while some other company will be different in this context.

Cheap Web Hosting Is Bad

This is not true as well. Cheaper web hosts are readily available. However, these web hosts are not necessarily bad. A reliable web host does not need to be expensive. Although, this may be the norm, it is not the case always. You need to consider the quality. Fortunately, some web hosts do provide better services at a cheaper rate. It is your job to figure out the best from the worst.

Server Specifications Are Not Important

Another major myth in the field of web hosting is that server specifications are not important. This is again not true. A lot of individuals believe that any server will do. The specifications of any server are really important. You need to understand these specifications in order to understand the standard of service you will receive from the web hosting company. It is also important to understand how essential the storage disk and the bandwidth are.

Free Web Hosting Is Same as Shared Hosting

This is another myth which is common in the digital market. A lot of people look down upon shared hosting because they misconceive it as free. This is not true at all. Shared hosting comes at a nominal cost. It hosts different websites on one server which is shared amongst them. This is why it can be cheaper compared to other types of hosting but it is not free.

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