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Westworld Season 5 Release Date, Cast and Crew, Plot, and More!

While Westworld Season 5 has not been authoritatively requested at this point by HBO, it’s been broadly perceived that the showrunners mean for there to be a fifth and last season.

Westworld star Ed Harris affirmed that was the arrangement in a Hollywood Reporter interview for Season 4, saying, “We have another season, which will begin recording next April and May. I have no thought where that will wind up.”

Addressing The Wrap about finishing up the series, showrunner Lisa Joy conceded: “We had consistently moved toward finishing the series next season.

“You know, we generally believed that Westworld ought to sort of completed the cycle and back toward the West, yet with Dolores, who was only a player in others’ games, at long last getting to think of her own.

“Just to quit for the day part of the stuff that we’ve seen before like the flashforward with The Man dressed in Black and everything, so we have an arrangement for season five however you know, life can make different arrangements for you. So we’ll simply stay optimistic.”

In view of that, here’s everything you really want to be familiar with Westworld season five.

Westworld season 5 release date

Westworld Season 5 Potential Release Date: When Will It Air?

Regardless of Lisa Joy’s arrangements, there has been no word from HBO about a fifth season as of August 2022. Furthermore, by and large, this is a show that is forever been recharged expeditiously.

In any case, don’t as yet shut down, because there’s actually time.

Not in the least did the season four finale impeccably set up for another season, however The Man in Black himself, Ed Harris, as of late let The Hollywood Reporter know that he hopes to start shooting season five the following spring.

I have no thought what they’re arranging,” he made sense of. “We have another season, which will begin shooting next April and May. I have no thought where that will wind up.”

Considering that Westworld season four started shooting in June 2021 and debuted a year after the fact in June 2022, and expecting Harris is right in saying that recording would start one year from now, the fifth season could make its presentation in the spring of 2024.

Fingers (and wires?) crossed.

Westworld Season 5 Cast: Who Will Be in It?

This one is somewhat trickier to evaluate, considering that essentially everybody was killed off in a Game of Thrones-esque bloodbath. Furthermore, we mean *everyone*. Notwithstanding a modest bunch of ‘exceptions’, mankind is terminated.

Yet, Westworld cast individuals are more fortunate than most, because regardless of whether their characters are killed off, the actors can return in another host body.

So while we’d ordinarily tell you not to stress because your #1 actor will ‘likely be back’, Joy has broken those fantasies by advance notice fans that this escape robot-paradise free card won’t be accessible for everybody. Sorry.

There are approaches to conjuring characters back,” she told Deadline. “There are a few faces we will see in the future, yet not every one of them. A few passings should be regarded.”

Until we get something more concrete, then, at that point, there’s nothing left but to give you a rundown of possible candidates and pray for divine intervention. *Laughs nervously*.

Ed Harris seemed to affirm his contribution in a likely fifth season and his personality William/The Man dressed in Black was displayed in the post-credits scene for the second season in a far-future setting with Emily, played by Katja Herbers.

Westworld season 5 release date

Nonetheless, considering that the fifth season will likely happen inside a virtual Westworld then there is plausible that each significant person from the series’ past could return.

Lisa Joy told Deadline: “There are approaches to conjuring characters back. There are a few faces we will see in the future, however not every one of them. A few passings should be regarded.

Apparently the Charlotte Hale duplicate of Dolores really is long gone, notwithstanding.

That would include:

  • Thandiwe Newton as Maeve Millay
  • Jeffrey Wright as Bernard Lowe/Arnold Weber
  • Aaron Paul as Caleb Nichols
  • Luke Hemsworth as Ashley Stubbs
  • Ed Harris as The Man dressed in Black, also known as William
  • Tessa Thompson as Charlotte Hale/Dolores mk II
  • Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores
  • James Marsden as Teddy Flood
  • Aurora Perrineau as Frankie Nichols (she’s alive, at any rate)
  • Angela Sarafyan as Clementine

…what’s more, perhaps Anthony Hopkins as host maker Robert Ford, and Jimmi Simpson as young William?

Westworld Season 5 Plot: What Will Happen?

The Man dressed in Black set off the finish of aware life in the season four finale, as savagery cleared out the two hosts and people. Nonetheless, the episode’s last minutes uncovered that Dolores holds the way in to the destinies of the two species.

She devises one more “test” after Charlotte transfers her Pearl to the Sublime, reproducing a recreation of the first Westworld park populated by her recollections of the multitude of hosts and people before her.

Season five will in all likelihood follow Dolores as she concludes whether aware life is worth saving, which Joy has expressed will bring the show round trip. “One final circle around the corner,” as Dolores put it.

Westworld season 5 release date

“Not a mishap they’re getting back toward the West, as Westworld, and this time with something else altogether in control,” Joy told The Wrap. “I consider point view can change definitely the significance of any sort of story or presence, and presently it’s her move.

“How frequently do you get to see the maid in trouble turn into the head of a general public? Someone who went through what she did. Well, take a gander at our reality now, how frequently does that happen, and who holds power in many civic establishments?”

It’s anything but an individual or animal like Dolores,” she added. “Thus to have the option to see the test for what that would resemble, to see the examples she’s learned — and she’s learned explicit illustrations in view of her own [experience]. She was a ‘thing’ to individuals.

Westworld season 5 release date


The Westworld season 4 closure saw various plot lines finish up and felt fairly last in its affirmation that humanity and the hosts achieved their own obliteration and conscious life on Earth finished.

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