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Westworld 3: Why The Season 3 Premiere Ratings Were Down Compared To Season 2


David Mudd

The third season of Westworld the dystopian series on Netflix recently aired, and we’re not happy with its performance. Let’s debrief you about it.

Westworld On Netflix

Westworld is one of those series on Netflix where almost everything fascinates you. Set in a futuristic world, the show presents a glimpse of the future where AI has developed to such an extent that will astonish most of us.


Delos Inc. is an AI-based company that is determined to change the world. Westworld is the creation of Delos Inc. It is a theme park, which is themed upon the old culture of Western America.

In the Westworld live androids in the shape and form of humans. These are created to accommodate and entertain the guests who visit.

The memories of the androids are erased at regular intervals in order to keep them functioning smoothly. Read about the plot in detail here.

Westworld: Season 3

Westworld season 3 dropped on HBO on March 15th, 2020. In the season, we are to witness Dolores in a rebellion against Delos Inc.

Dolores had somehow managed to revive her memories and could, therefore, understand exactly what was happening to them in Westworld. As a result, she was biding her time until she could stand up to her creators.

At last, her time is here. For all the news about Westworld season 3, read this.

The Disappointing Ratings of Season 3

The third season of Westworld showed a lot of promise in the trailer. The trailer had created a lot of hype when it landed on Youtube, which was a sign that this season would pick up the downfall of season. However, it damaged the viewership even further.

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We can’t be sure as to why the ratings of season 3 dropped so magnanimously.

It may as well be the residual effect of the utterly confusing season 2. While season 1 created endless possibilities of growth, the second season dumped it straight into the mud. The viewers of the show felt so confused the entire time it was exasperating.

Latest News About Westworld Season 3

Another reason why the season didn’t succeed could be the Coronavirus outbreak. All the spectators are in quarantine and are frustrated enough as it is. The serious theme of the show is sitting well with the people who are looking to light and fuzzy stuff right now.

Update On Next Season

So the third season of the Westworld series didn’t work well probably because of the ongoing pandemic. But another season of this series might return.

According to the sources Westworld Season 4 can be expected in 2022. As there has always been a 2 year gap between every two seasons. In the upcoming season we can expect that Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy will reunite as per the demand of the plot.

And it is also speculated that the fourth season will probably be the season finale. But for that we need to wait for an official announcement from the makers!