Wes Bentley What Happened To Yellowstone's Actor



Wes Bentley: What Happened To Yellowstone’s Actor?

Yellowstone has marked itself as one of the most popular drama series on the screen. Released in 2018,  the series has already released its 5 Seasons among the people and there has been a lot of speculation regarding the future potential of the show. I know that viewers are eagerly waiting to watch Yellowstone season 6.

With a lot of ongoing talks regarding the possible features of the show, we came to learn about Wes Bentley and his addiction to drugs.  The popular actor from the drama series has recently opened up about his journey from drugs and educated the people regarding it. Fans were completely shocked to learn how the actor was about to lose everything because of his addiction to drugs.

The actor, who started his acting career after the 1999’s American Beauty, said in an interview, “I lost everything in the fire. I had no car, I had no clothes, I had no money — I was $400,000 in debt,” Bentley recalled.

Later, his life changed when he decided to move to Hollywood. Wes Bentley, who is popular for his role in The Hunger Games, started consuming drugs. Initially, he took mushrooms and ketamine, but he later realized how addicted he became in life. He has almost lost everything. His mental health was at the lowest because of the drugs.

“I ended up going down the cocaine and heroin route,” he explained. “Hard drugs. Hard partying. You’re in clubs and you’re at after-parties, and there’s cocaine, and eventually, it becomes heroin.”

Bentley also remarked on his health when he revealed “trying to kill myself or anything.” Many celebrities take drugs like Robert Downey Jr, known for his role in the popular marvel series called Iron Man,  but they came out flourishing after leaving it.

“That period was incredibly dark. I did really dangerous stuff. I went downtown. I went and hung with really shady people,” he shared. “That was just me: Go far. Be the guy who went the furthest.”

We already know that drugs temporarily relieve mental health problems but in the long run, they create more addiction and a person gets worse. In 2002, Bentley did The Four Feathers with Ledger.

Bentley even skipped Ledger’s memorial service because he was high on drugs, “I tried to go, but I was messed up, and I felt like that wasn’t right. So I got out of the cab on the way to it. And that sits with me forever,” he admitted. “That guy loved me. Outside of my family, I’ve never felt love from . . .”

“I’d never felt love,” he continued, “from someone like him. And he didn’t care what I was, or what I was like, the stupid things I was doing. He just wanted me to be better. I always thought of him as a brother, and I wish I could’ve given that back.”

Bentley was guilty and even started to cry when he revealed that Ledger “even begged me to get sober in an email.”

“Last email, he was begging’ me. I didn’t, at first, but later, getting sober, I’d think of that email all the time. One from him and one from my dad, begging me to get sober,” he shared.

For a decade, the actor has remained on the drugs but is now working on it and has seen a remarkable effect on his health. The actor still thinks of Ledger and said he’s OK talking, and crying, about his “brother.”

“I’m an actor. I’m not afraid to feel things. And it doesn’t make me feel worse. It makes me feel better. Because I know I love him and I did love him, but what I’ll take from that relationship is: You’ve gotta show people now that you love them every day,” he said. “Even when you’re mad at ’em, even when they’re wrong to you… tell ’em you love them, because it means more than you know, to you and them. And I didn’t do that well enough with him.”