We’re The Millers 2 Release Date and Many More!


David Mudd

Do you remember David, a drug dealer and his fake Family who are called the Millers which included Rose, Cassy and Kenny. If yes then you are also remind of the marijuana plants which are growing in their garden and now these plants may become trees. So, In this article we are we are going to talk more about its sequel ie. We’re The Millers 2 which is said to be in development but when will its sequel come as 8 years have completed and nothing official release date came out of this drama. So let’s find everything about We’re The Millers.

We’re The Millers: About

It is a funny, thriller and comedy crime movie which features Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts and Molly Quinn. The story of this movie is written by Bob Fisher and Steve Faber and the movie earned more than $270 millions against the budget of $37 million and the film received mixed reviews.

We’re The Miller 2

As we all know that the first movie of this family is exciting so what about its sequel? When will we get to see we’re the Millers 2? Is it arriving in 2022 or in the near future? What is its status, will the movie ever air on big screens after such a long time.

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Funniest thing when he said she is your mother as Kenny watched as he was shocked and then David said has some respect is that moment is a funny one.

When Will We’re The Millers 2 Come?

At the time of writing there is no official news regarding the exact date of this film and we will update this section soon when we get any further news about We’re the Millers 2. So till then enjoy the first movie of it and know what happened in the story if you have not watched yet.

According to Looper, New Line Cinema, they have confirmed that there will be a sequel to this film after the success of the first movie but when will we receive this movie, we don’t know.

Many projects are also delayed due to covid-19 and the film is re-categorized to in production on IMDB. So let’s check what will come to us and how much we have to wait for the sequel to we’re the millers.

We’re The Miller 2

There are many questions which arrived in the minds of the fans like I? Some frequent questions are-

  • Will this fake family stay together after reaching their goal?
  • Are they happily living in season 2 after completing their work and getting paid?
  • What about the marijuana plants in the garden? Will they become trees till this time?
  • Can they become wealthy as now they also have marijauna plants in the garden?
  • Has the Fake family called the Millers become a real family?

There are a lot of questions which are revolving and are yet to be answered and it might be possible if the second part or its sequel came.

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We’re the Millers 2: Cast

Who is going to be cast in the road trip comedy sequel to we’re the millers?

We’re The Miller 2

We are expecting that main cast members of its original film will reprise their role in sequel who are-

  • Jennifer Aniston as Rose or the wife of David’s fake family. She is the stipper in the bar and is hired by David to fulfil her trip to deliver his work.
  • A Drug Dealer named David Clark who is in debt and has to transfer Marijuana from one place to another and he is in debt, so he has to do what his master told and played by Jason Sudeikis.
  • Kenny Rossmore, 18 years old boy or the neighbour of David is played by Will Poulter who is hired to play the role of son of David.
  • Emma Roberts as Casey Mathis and she is a fake sister of Kenny.
  • Brad Gurdlinger by Ed Helms and he ordered David to smuggle drugs from Mexico to the US and he is one of the villains.

Along with these characters there are chances that Don Fitzgerald, Edie, and Melissa will also come along with Pablo and other characters.

Is there Any Trailer for We’re the Millers 2?

Sorry, there is no trailer for the We’re the Millers 2 but you can enjoy the trailer of We’re the Millers which is given below-


We’re the Millers is a good comedy movie of a drug dealer and his family and the movie received 7 out of 10 ratings on IMDB while 49% on Rotten Tomatoes but nothing is cleared about its release date.

So stay connected with us to know any further updates about this movie and till then read other latest articles on

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