Here Is All You Need To Know About Welcome To Eden Season 2!



Netflix has announced that there will be a second season of the Spanish thriller Welcome to Eden. The first season of the show, which came out in May 2022, kept people on the edge of their seats.

For those who don’t know, a group of teens are invited to an exclusive “party of a lifetime” on a remote paradise island, which is supposed to be the launch of a new drink brand.

But things quickly change when the teens find out that they are all trapped in a dangerous, violent game in which they were all involved.

The first season is good enough to watch all at once, and it ends on some very tense cliffhangers that make fans want more. But do you have any plans to keep the story going? Here’s what you need to know about the second season of Welcome to Eden.

When Will Welcome To Eden Season 2 Be Released

As was said above, the second season of Welcome to Eden will start at the end of May 2022. This was confirmed by Netflix’s TUDUM.

In fact, actress Amaia Aberasturi was one of the people who celebrated the end of filming in August, so it should be out sooner rather than later.

That’s right, the cast had been secretly filming in Lanzarote, Barcelona, and Teruel since May, long before it was known for sure that the show would return.

welcome to eden season 2

“The filming of # Eden 2 is over,” she wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of herself sitting outside her trailer with Almudena Traver.Thanks for these three months, team! You’re [heart eyes] Oh, I can’t wait to see the result and share it with you. “

Now, though, they are in the post-production phase, which could last anywhere from six months to a year or more.

We think the new episodes will come out around the same time as the first season, which was in May. This means you might have to wait until May 2023. But we hope to be wrong about that.

We’ll let you know when we get more concrete information.

Who Is Coming Back For Welcome To Eden Season 2

Along with the news that there will be a second season, Netflix also said that all the main characters will be back.

Amaia Aberasturi (Zoa), Amaia Salamanca (Astrid), Belinda Peregrn (frica), Begoa Vargas (Bel), Diego Garisa (Ibón), Tomy Aguilera (Charly), Berta Castaé (Gabi), Max Sampietro (Isaac), Lola Rodrguez (Mayka), Guillermo Pfening (Erick), Sergio Momo (

On top of that, the team said that some new people would be joining.

At the Eden Foundation, Carlos Torres (The Queen of Flow) and Nona Sobo (Entrevas) will be at work, but right now we don’t know what their roles will be.

What Is Going To Happen In The Season 2 Of Welcome To Eden

In the tense season one finale, there were more and more rebels, and Zoa and Charly tried to get off the island while the new recruits were coming.

Of course, just like Zoa and her group, the new teens didn’t know what they were getting into.

Just as Charly got on the boat safely, Zoe was caught by Ulises, who attacked her as punishment for trying to escape. Ulises was about to kill Zoa, but Ibón came to her aid and ended up killing Ulises in the fight.

welcome to eden season 2

He was clearly shaken up by the event, which was completely out of character for him. This raises the question of how Ulises’ death will affect Ibón in the next season and how this character will now be developed.

In Africa, they found a secret room in Astrid and Erick’s house that was full of technology. When she pressed a button on one of the panels, she accidentally turned on a satellite that sent a signal into space. Africa was stuck in the room when the alarms went off and the doors shut.

Previous Season Was Full Of Excitement

The first season was full of shocking reveals and suspense, and it ended with the biggest surprise of all.

Just as Zoa was about to get on the boat that would take her to freedom, she saw her sister Gabi walking toward the island. After seeing her struggle all season to find out what happened to her sister, it looks like Gabi is now one of the new people staying on the island.

Will Zoa get on the boat, or will she turn around and go back to save her sister? What does the message mean that was sent into space? Will Africa get caught and have to pay for it? And most importantly, what is the Eden Foundation really all about?

welcome to eden season 2

We hope that all of these will be answered in season two.

Do We Have The Trailer Yet

Season two of Welcome to Eden may have been confirmed and filmed, but we haven’t seen any new footage from it yet. We should see the trailer about a month before the movie comes out, so we might have to wait a while.

We’ll let you know what’s going on. You can watch the first season over and over again on Netflix until we have more news to share.

You can watch Welcome to Eden right now on Netflix.