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Yeontan Birthday

By Melissa Adams

BTS is made up of seven members, Jin, Suga, J- Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Those strange with BTS might wonder why the name Yeontan Birthday trended each over Twitter lately.

BTS Suckers Each Over the World Celebrated Yeontan’s Birthday

Yeontan is so popular among BTS ARMY he basically has his own audience. Yeontan is also known as “ Tan, ” “ Tannie, ” and “ Kim Yeontan ” among suckers and the members of BTS.

Yeontan Stole the Show in BTS’s Movie ‘ Burn the Stage the Movie ‘

Yeontan’s first appearance was on a VLIVE BTS hosted for Jin’s birthday onDec. 4, 2017. V appeared in the background of the videotape and held up Yeontan compactly for suckers to see.

The Canine Used To Live in BTS’s Dorm

When Yeontan was a puppy dog, he lived in the dorm with V and the other members of BTS. The group developed a veritably close bond with V’s canine.

Happy Birthday Yeontan When BTS Songster V’s Lovable Pet Canine Danced to Mic Drop Courtesy J Hope

Three times agone, Yeontan wagged his tail and walked into BTS songster V’s life. After he was introduced at Jin’s birthday in 2017, the lovable little pet has given several memorable moments.

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