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By Nick Neistat 

27 December 2022


Tower Heist Review

Tower Heist is based on a fantastic notion played for broad entertainment value rather than genuine concern.

The opening scene is a stunner: a look down at Ben Franklin’s $100 face, which graces the bottom of the pool atop the Tower, Manhattan’s most costly housing spire 


retirement is predicated on his ship arriving; Lester, like many others, has pledged his entire savings to the legendary Shaw, who is currently being investigated by the Feds, led by Special Agent Claire Denham (Tea Leoni), for securities fraud. 

Brett Ratner’s Tower Heist is like a release celebration with an open bar, as provided as you don’t actually ask too several questions.


Tower Heist does have one redeeming feature: an incredibly talented comic team that works hard to gloss over the occasional slip in logic.  

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