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By Nick Neistat 

27 December 2022



In this Webseries, Mo’Nique plays Mary, Precious’ chain-smoking couch-potato mother who treats her child like a domestic servant and ignores years of maltreatment. 

Ms. Rain, Precious’ teacher, is played by Paula Patton, who sees through the girl’s moody seclusion and vulgarities and wonders what anguish it may be covering. 

Carey and Patton have the same screen presence as Sidibe; the film places the girl at the heart of their attempt to retrieve her future. 

There are numerous reasons to see a film. There is no one reason that is superior to another.


Some people enjoy learning while watching movies, thus they choose documentaries or biopics.  

The most obnoxious films aren’t always the worst made. The most terrible films aren’t always those with poor acting, 

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