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From “Purple Hearts,” Who Is Nicholas Galitzine Dating?

Nicholas Galitzine

Nicholas is well recognized for his roles as Prince Charming in the 2021 film Cinderella with co-star Camila Cabello and as Sofia Carson in the 2022 film Purple Hearts.

The father of British actor Nicholas Galitzine came from the House of Golitsyn, a Russian aristocratic family. The Golitsyns or Galitzines, according to Hollywood Ancestry, was one of the biggest families in Tsar-era Russia.

Nicholas will celebrate his 27th birthday in late September, despite his boyish charm. The actor made his feature film debut in Luke Perry’s Beneath My Feet (2014) before making an appearance on a Legends episode the following year.

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Galitzine made his acting debut in Cinderella on Amazon Prime as Prince Robert opposite Camila Cabello, who played the traditional Disney princess.

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