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Good Luck Chuck

By Nick Neistat 

27 December 2022

Best wishes On Friday, September 21, 2007, Chuck was released. 

Charlie Kagan was ten years old when it all began. Charlie broke the fundamental rule of spin-the-bottle by refusing to lip-lock with a deranged Goth girl—and she cursed him.


Charlie is now a renowned dentist, 25 years later. While his best friend, the cosmetic surgeon Stu, pursues as many of his clients as he can, Charlie can’t seem to locate the appropriate girl. 

Dane Cook is all over the place these days, and I won’t say he’s never been amusing. But he practically sells his heart for nothing here. While he earns a few well.


He has no connection with Jessica Alba, who continues to produce excruciatingly poor movies. She may not be a terrific actress.

This is not to argue that the film is bad. It’s totally entertaining, but not nearly as funny as the premise could have been. 

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