Web animations- Animation For Website


David Mudd

Internet technologies do not standstill. With their development, developers have new tools for creating and designing websites. Animation is increasingly common on the Internet. If an interesting and captivating, literate text on the site can be compared to a certain culinary dish, then the presence of graphics on the site can be compared to the spices in this dish.

Competent and appropriate use of animation can become a highlight of the page, revive dry information content. Its excessive use does not cause anything but disgust among site visitors. On pages with a lot of animation, it is very difficult to navigate and find information of interest.

Often, users simply leave such sites for others with similar content, but a pleasant design. Often such mistakes of excessive use of animation are made by beginners who try to show off their newly acquired knowledge in the design of web pages as much as possible.

Animations for a website

New trends in web site design emerge every year. The beautiful animated design will always draw attention to the site. Fresh, innovative, creative, minimalistic examples of beautiful animated websites inspire, and then the magic happens!

Such projects stand out because of their unusualness, some because of the user-friendly interface and original layout. After all, many companies want to stand out in the vast online world and animation in web design creates the amazing user experience necessary for a successful website.

web animation

Let’s try to figure out in what cases the use of web design animations is advisable. The benefits of animation for websites are:

1. When it is necessary to present the advertised product and its capabilities in all its glory. For such presentations, most often flash technologies are used, equipped with animation control tools directly by the page visitor. There are small drawbacks to this method of using web animation. A large volume of flash animation will not allow users with low-speed Internet to appreciate its beauty and functionality. Such pages are also invisible to Russian search engines.

2. When it is necessary to observe changes in the object. If there are any actions on the page, let the user know about them with the help of animation. This will make your site intuitive and the user will not have to deal with the interface for a long time.

3. When you need a site visitor to pay attention to a specific area or element of the page. In this case, the use of various animation elements is justified. Think about the user experience first. A flickering red heart in full screen is certainly beautiful, but it is unlikely to cause any positive emotions. Rather cursing when trying to get rid of it. Don’t annoy the user with inappropriately large animations, acid colors, or brightly flashing elements.

4. An animation for a website is quite appropriate, as a way of feedback. Let’s take the page content indicator as an example. Thanks to this animation, the user understands that the system is responding to his actions.

web animation

5. Properly used animation will delight the user. It is enough to hide a light animation in the interface, which does not require a lot of resources. It will be interesting to the user.

Designers don’t need to be afraid to use moderate animation, because animation can complement the interface, make the page lively and enjoyable for the user. Of course, it’s important not to overdo it, good animation shouldn’t distract from the main information. Its goal: to make your time on the site easy and unobtrusive. Fireart studio offers many opportunities of great animation.


It should be noted that if you can refuse to use web animation in favor of other design solutions on your site, then take this opportunity. If you cannot do without animation, and you are not confident in your abilities, then contact the specialists in this field better.