We Hunt Together Season 2: the Crime-thriller Series is Back With Another Killer!


David Mudd

The global fandom for crime-thriller programs has recently grown significantly. It has been proven time and time again that a strong criminal thriller with lots of suspense, intriguing twists, and a primary mystery, mixed with the intense conflict of the central characters, works to keep spectators enthralled in such programs. We Hunt Together season 2 is returning to Showtime, which is wonderful news for fans.

British television series are not only given a certain aspect but then also several unforgettable ones with the renewals when it comes to the thriller and criminal genres. One of them is the We Hunt Together television series. We Hunt Together Season 2 is currently the subject of the show’s attention.

The British drama television show is called We Hunt Together. It includes a thriller and some elements of the crime. The series was made by Gaby Hull, with Lisa Osborne handling production. Michael Wood and Oli Russell both work on the series.

What Was the Release Date of We Hunt Together Season 2?

We Hunt Together season 2

There was a little wait for We Hunt Together season 2 of something like the British cat-and-mouse series. The program was scheduled to premiere on July 1.

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The announcement was accompanied by a brand-new teaser that provides an intriguing video of just what to expect following the dramatic Season 1 conclusion. On July 1, Showtime will make all of We Hunt Together Season 2 episodes available to stream, and then on July 3, the series will resume its regular broadcast schedule.

What is the Storyline of the Drama-thriller Series?

We Hunt Together season 2

Freddy and Baba come up with a master plan involving sacrifice and eluding the police just at end of the sixth episode run of Showtime’s “We Hunt Together.” Although they are unable to flee, Baba pretends to kill Freddy and makes a confession just before he dies from his injuries.

Freddy is discovered to be a hostage and emerges as a victim of coercion and unintentional acquiescence. However, despite Baba’s tremendous sacrifice, just as it appears that Freddy is eluding capture, Lola learns something which is damning to be virtually destructive.

Following the devastating conclusion of season one, season two begins with the conflicted odd couple of police officers DS Lola Franks with DI Jackson Mendy determined to bring Freddy Lane to justice for her homicidal role in their previous case.

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They are focused and determined in this challenging and cunning search and capture her once and for all until bizarre new serial murderer The Birdman strikes, drawing Freddy back into their sphere of influence. The police as well as Freddy are both trying to chase through the darkness as they try to identify the villainous killer who begins to target victims near Freddy, Jackson, and Lola, making them wonder just whom they would trust.

However, as the casualty rate rises and they race to discover The Birdman, it soon becomes apparent that somehow this new, deviously shadowy murderer does indeed have a grand purpose that seems to have them both questioning merely someone they can trust.

Who Will Be Shown in the Second Season?

We Hunt Together season 2

In terms of the series cast, the reintroduction of characters from Season 1 DS Eve Myles‘s Lola Franks and Babou Ceesay‘s DI Jackson Mendy were battling against The Birdman, a mysterious serial killer who conceals his identification under a rubber bird disguise.

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Additionally, Hermione Corfield‘s Freddy Lane, who has been absolved of her misdeeds, makes a comeback. Vicki Pepperdine Dipo Ola, Babirye Bukilwa, Colin Morgan, Sharlene Whyte, as well as Steffan Rhodri round out the cast.

Trailer of We Hunt Together season 2!

Let’s experience just a little intensity of all those murderers’ characters through this trailer.


Who is the producer of the series We Hunt Together?

Lisa Osborne is the producer of the series We Hunt Together.

What is the estimated runtime of the episodes of the show?

The estimated runtime of the episodes of the show was 45 minutes.

How many episodes were there in We Hunt Together season 1?

There were 6 episodes in We Hunt Together season 1.


Only with the introduction of a new mystery that threatens both the main leads as well as Freddy, the tensions in We Hunt Together Season 2 are expected to rise. Although there aren’t many storyline clues in the teaser, it does provide a decent preview of what the season’s villain will be like.

The number of killings and the personality of The Birdman has not yet been revealed, but then only time will be able to solve the riddle. So, do watch the new season.