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We Are the Wave Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast and More

Are you also being bullied by the surrounding people consistently? Do you also take a stand against all the odds of society? Do you also want to be rebellious?

If your answer is yes, then here I present a suggestion of series in front of you. We Are The Wave is a series with rebellious content and the results of these rebels.

We are the wave is a drama web series, based on the novel The Wave written by Todd Strasser in 1981.

Season 1 was aired on the 1st of November 2019 on Netflix. Season 2 is on its way to be released this year on the 29th of October 2021.

Drama and Mystery is the genre of the series We Are The Wave.

We Are the Wave Season 2

Jan Berger, Ipek Zubert, Kai Hafemeister, Thorsten Wettcke, and Christine Heinlein are the great writers of the series.

Anca Miruna Lazarescu and Mark Monheim are the directors whereas Christian Becker is the producer of the series We Are The Wave.

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Season 1 of This Series Consists of 6 Episodes With the Following Details.

  • Episode 1: Do You Know That Feeling? – directed by Anca Miruna Lazarescu
  • Episode 2: What’s Wong With You? – directed by Anca Miruna Lazarescu
  • Episode 3: What’s Next? – directed by Mark Monheim
  • Episode 4: You’re Destroying Everything! – directed by Mark Monheim
  • Episode 5: The 99%! – directed by Anca Miruna Lazarescu
  • Episode 6: It’s the Only Way – directed by Mark Monheim

Season 2 of the series will also consist of 6 episodes. The details will be shared soon.

The Plot of the Story of the Series We Are the Wave:

The story is set in a fictional city of German named Meppersfeld. It is a story of a group of teenagers who decide to raise their voice against social injustice and related problems.

Lea, who belongs to a rich family, is frustrated and tired of her privileged life. According to her parents, they have a very good life with all the availabilities and are aware of the surroundings and the environment, but Lea doesn’t have faith in their philosophy. She wants to create a better world than theirs. Tristan is the love interest of Lea when he comes to the class and makes friends quickly.

Tristan is a new student in the class who uses the personal problems of the other teenagers to motivate them to fight against all the odds of society together.

Rahim is a boy whose family and he are regularly attacked by the people because of racism. The investor wants to change his apartment into luxury apartments so, his family is continuously threatened to vacate the residence.

Hagen’s parents, who belong to an organic farming background, have lost their way of daily income as the nearby paper mill has contaminated their field due to waste sludge.

Zazie is the one who is always bullied by her classmates and thus, feels depressed.

Lea also joins the group soon but with hesitation.

They all are now known as The Wave, where Tristan is their leader.

They all then meet in an afternoon on a factory site and plan the next step.

Lea and Tristan were first of all standing behind the auditorium inject something inside the water bottle and pass it to a boy who is too proud. He starts feeling sick and goes away from there. He was then surrounded by 5 masked people and askes them that what they want from him and they replied that he will get to know that soon. This happens at the starting of the episode as the story runs in flashbacks.

We Are the Wave Season 2

They soon turn out to be rebellious and get trapped in their planning. How they gonna deal with it is all about the story.

They rob in a supermarket for the garments as the owner use to burn clothes so that the needy cannot wear designer garments. Slowly their gang increases and they are then stuck in many problems. Their rebellious nature makes them set the paper factories on fire, destroy the cars as well as giving poison to the extreme right’s leader.

How they will overcome all the problems? Will they drop the idea of being rebellious and leave the group?

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The answers to all these questions will be received after watching the series.

The Cast of ‘We Are the Wave’:

The main characters are:

Tristan Broch, played by Ludwig Simon – is the leader of the wave, a boy having a problematic past

Lea Hurst, played by Luise Befort- a member of the wave, a rich girl who is tired of her life

Zazie Elsner played by Michelle Barthel- a member of the wave, a student who is persecuted by everyone

Hagen Lemmart played by Daniel Friedl- a member of the wave, a boy who doesn’t like to be social

Rahim Hadad played by Mohamed Issa- an Arab, persecuted for his race and member of the wave

We Are the Wave Season 2

These main characters will return in season 2 also.

IMDB Rating of the Series We Are the Wave:

6.2 out of 10 is the IMDB rating of the series We Are The Wave.

Where We Can Find the Series to Watch?

The trailer of Season 2 of the show is not released so far. You can enjoy the trailer of season 1 on youtube. You can easily find the web series on Netflix. You can also download it from different websites.

Some apps are also available where you can watch the series for free.


You can stream season 1 through any of the above options. Season 2 will be released soon this year.

We’ll soon be able to know that what are the new problems in which the gang will stick. Do they will leave the gang and will be settled in their world or they will continue fighting for their rights and against social injustice. Hope for the best!

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