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We are the Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Compatible With Android Devices

Purchasing bitcoin without a cryptocurrency exchange is exceptionally challenging as opting for digital currency exchange for executing buying and selling orders is more of a necessity now. Visit crypto trader to get a deep analysis of Bitcoin trading. Digital currency exchange services similarly execute operations as of a stock exchange, but the dynamics of these platforms hold some differences.

In contrast to the stock exchange, the cryptocurrency exchange provides users with many exciting and useful features. Cryptocurrency exchange can now run smoothly on an android device as well. For seasoned traders and newbie investors, cryptocurrency exchanges compatible with the android device are completely optimal, and they don’t need to install a digital currency on their desktop. Here listed are leading cryptocurrency exchanges for your android device.


You might have heard Coinbase releasing its bitcoin debit cards. The bitcoin debit cards manufactured by Coinbase operate across the globe as people can pay with bitcoin debit cards at any place accepting Visa.

However, manufacturing bitcoin debit cards is not this company’s real job as it is a full-proof dedicated cryptocurrency exchange. At, first Coinbase was compatible with android devices, but when accessibility became a problem in the cryptocurrency market, Coinbase released an android based application named Coinbase on the play store.

Coinbase is intended to provide a safer and hassle-free experience to the users. Depending upon the type of order, the transaction fees of this exchange vary from one another. Coinbase comprises a custodian wallet, not a dedicated solo e-wallet.

Custodian wallet offered by Coinbase maintains the security of digital, but it does currency assets of the user not provide the user with an utter control of the funds. Coinbase has also released its premium version named Coinbase pro for advanced users and high rollers. Similar to Binance cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase is correspondingly introducing newer altcoins every day. However, Coinbase doesn’t list any tokens present in the marketable. Tokens present on this digital currency exchange have been operating in the market for a very long time.


Binance is another android based cryptocurrency exchange. Binance released their exchange on cross platforms as, since day one, Binance was utterly compatible with android devices and desktops. Binance is now available upon the application store, depicting it is now compatible with iOS devices and Mac OS. Although Coinbase has been operating in the cryptocurrency market since 2012, Binance came into action in 2017 and competes with one of the oldest digital currency exchanges’ trading volume and user base.

Binance started to introduce infamous altcoins on their platform when it first came into the market, and this became the unique selling point of this cryptocurrency exchange. Binance is not merely famous for its wide variety of altcoins but also Binance future.

Many expert cryptocurrency traders have listed the course of their Binance futures. People have made a massive extent of money with Binance futures. Binance also comprises debit card services, but its debit card services are present in a limited number of countries. Binance mobile application consists of a liter version, which makes the exchange much easier for newbies. In addition, Binance offers a wide variety of price charts to the traders for an advanced trading experience.


Few decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges can run on an android device as most decentralized exchanges are in the form of a web portal. People are unfamiliar with the massive differences between decentralized and centralized digital currency exchanges. Decentralized exchange comprises an open-source, and this enables users to use this exchange without actually performing know your customer program.

Bisq lags behind the above-listed digital currency exchange in terms of trading volume and transaction speed. Bisq is only structured for newbies, and seasoned traders as the trading volume of this exchange make it less optimal for the active trading concept. Bisq comprises various payment methods while buying and selling digital currencies.

Like the above-listed cryptocurrency exchange, this digital currency exchange correspondingly comprises an inbuilt wallet but is not a custodian. Binance and Coinbase seem to be undermining the essence of digital currencies by being operated by a central authority. In contrast, Bisq runs on the principle of a digital currency with peer to peer. Bisq is also famous as a peer to peer exchange.

The mentioned portion describes leading cryptocurrency exchanges compatible with android devices.

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